Working with Az Rehman of Lemontree Photography

I had known of Az by association through various wedding fayres that we had both attended, and by talking to other photographers who always say that Az is the ‘godfather of photography’ and someone they would turn to if they needed help with their own images.  So I knew he was one of the best.  I then got the chance to work with Az myself on a couple of weddings last year, and loved the final result (see my bridal gallery for these)  I decided to contact Az when I had an idea for a photoshoot – art deco with a contemporary twist, or 21st century Great Gatsby.  He was very excited by the concept that we set about straight away getting a location, model and other wedding suppliers onboard.  We had a great time, even though the day was long – Az kept us all happy and on our toes, so the day didn’t drag.  Something that I now know is a vital skill for a photographer.

We loved working together so much that we then set about our next shoot, the ballerina, which was just a really easy/low key affair with just Az, ballerina Rebecca Nutt and myself.  I loved this shoot as we just had a bit of a laugh and played around with different styles, which meant the images hold their own.

I do love working with Az as we share a vision but equally differ when it matters to make this images really individual.