Why the price increase & why now…?

You may have noticed a change of deposit from £20 to £70 (explained in my earlier post) the reason for this is to make the booking process a lot fairer and to stop ‘hogging’ of dates, basically to weed out the time-wasters.

I have also made the decision to slightly increase my costs and to divide the seasons i.e Summer & Winter weddings.  There are quite a few reasons for this change and for it happening now.  Last year I was involved in 103 weddings across the South of England, which meant I was doing on average 2 weddings per week – which is furnominal!  And in  previous years I have been close to this number.  This has meant I now have an in-depth experience of weddings as a whole and most importantly advanced experience in bridal makeup.  This is all reflective of my professional training I received in London all those years ago.

The cost is very much reflective of my professional training and skills as a Makeup Artist, as while my makeup looks might look simple they actually take quite a bit of time designing.  The price also takes into account the use of premium branded products.