Why professional wedding makeup is so important…

A lot of brides will ask themselves do I really need a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for my wedding day?  It’s even something I asked myself before my wedding!  But while I can put a comb through my hair and sort of use my GHD’s – I don’t have a glue what setting spray to use, how to set curls or even what hair spray to use!  But makeup I do know – so that’s why I hired a professional Hairstylist and did my own makeup!

So how is wedding makeup so different to your everyday look?

Well firstly, there’s the all important colours to consider – ivory and white!  These particular colours are not normally so close to the skin, as we all tend to wear a contrasting darker colour with these.  Unfortunately, as much as we love them the colours are draining to the skin and can make you look washed out and pale if not carefully corrected throughout the makeup.

There’s also the stress and emotional factor, remember that this is one of the biggest day’s of your life and this realisation can literally hit you at any inconvenient time!  Nerves can play havoc with your skin, causing either a pale effect or for it to go extremely red.  So this needs consideration too.


Tips for the wedding

* Don’t overload your brush!  If your applying a few layers, do it in stages as you might realise after a couple of coats of foundation that’s all that’s needed – not the 5 you were planning!  Remember your partner needs to recognise the woman he fell in love with!

* Use the makeup to enhance, not disguise your natural features.  I often think a natural base, with a hint of eyeshadow and mascara looks far better and won’t date in your photographs.

* You will need more powder on your wedding day, as you can become hot and nervous.  Use one that is oil-free like those from Laura Mercier – choose one that also ‘blurs’ to hide sneaky spots.

* When practising your wedding makeup, pop a white sheet of paper underneath your neck and see what this does to the face

* Lastly, take a photograph of yourself and see the final look! x