Why it’s completely normal to be experiencing a facial outbreak during lockdown…

‘Lockdown skin’ is now actually a thing. Suddenly, quite a few men and women are finding themselves battling what feels like their teenage skin again. But why, when we’re going makeup free for weeks with plenty of opportunity for sleep and naps? We’re less exposed to pollution – so surely we should all have healthy, glowing skin? This is just another added stress we all don’t need right now, so what is going on?

Skincare expert Vivienne Taslmat has recently commented that the stress of being in lockdown and having our normal routines upended could be behind skin problems. ‘What many people do not realise is that the gut and the skin are interconnected, if you are overeating or stress eating this can often lead to eczema and rosacea.’

Another key issue that Vivienne highlights is potential dehydration. Are you drinking enough water now you’re working from home? And are you drinking the right kinds of liquids? She goes on to say ‘dehydration can be from two factors; not drinking enough water and drinking too many cups of coffee, tea or sugary beverages which will dehydrate your skin.’

We should also avoid eating too much refined sugars and chocolate, because they will dehydrate the skin and can cause breakouts. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, they will nourish your skin with a lot of vitamins, also eating plenty of dried fruits will help because of their high fibre content and antioxidants. This will also help your digestive system get rid of toxins, which is great if you want to prevent acne. The extra time we have at home means you can spend some time perfecting your skincare routine, and there’s more chance you’ll be able to stick to it every night. Make the most of self isolation to work on your skin texture, using prescribed medical grade retinol from your aesthetics doctor once or twice a week. Go to bed early if you can and sleep. You can use this self isolation time as a retreat for your skin and mind. The skin cells need time to renew and repair. Self-care is important at the moment, but don’t worry if you are breaking out or struggling with dryness. If you have bigger things to worry about right now, that is completely understandable. But making little changes to help your skin will likely help to boost you overall health and mental wellbeing too.

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