Why I strive to make the whole ‘bridal experience’ stress free…

Booking a wedding is a stressful event.  Believe me I know – I’ve done it.  So right from when you send me that tentative email to enquire about availability, I am continually aiming to make your experience from booking to the eventful day a stress free zone.  As the way I see it you have enough on your plate right now without having to worrying about wedding suppliers.

One of the ways in which I am fighting the war against this little nasty emotion is by giving you all the facts straight up (and without waiting days for an answer, which often drives me crazy!)  So I tell you exactly the score if I am available or not, if you need to pay a deposit to secure your wedding date – particularly if it’s a popular one.  When to book a makeup trial and where to have it, either with me here in lymington or at your home address – which is often a good idea if it’s where you are getting ready on the day of the wedding.  Reducing the back and forth emails is just one of the ways to make that transaction a whole lot easier.

I also always keep my promises.  If I say I will arrive at a particular time, then I will arrive at that time.  If after the makeup trial you want me to use a different lipstick shade or eye shadow, then I will as I fully believe and invest into your wedding day.  It’s just the little things that make that experience easy and comforting x