Why I don’t subscribe to ‘business jargon’

When I decided to divert into the wedding industry, I wanted to make sure that my way of doing business was completely open, fresh and not filled with any kind of ‘business jargon’ which I absolutely can’t stand!  Everytime I see something like “Transform your face into something amazing” or “Be remembered on your wedding day” I just cringe…for one thing you’re the bride, and of course you’ll be remembered!  And also any good makeup artist will know that makeup is not there to transform you into someone unknown & different, so that no one recognises you!  What’s more we should be celebrating our individuality and beautiful nature.  I for one don’t feel comfortable with using that sort of nonsense and clients just see right through it –  if someone likes my work, then they’ll hire me without the need for me to throw random empty lines at them!

Ok…mini rant over x