Why I don’t do ‘minimum’ number bookings…

I personally find the whole ‘during peak season a minimum number of 2 people for a booking is required’ a little restrictive and can, for some brides, stretch their budget to something they then can’t afford.  I’m of the opinion that, so long as a bride has contacted me and paid a deposit, then I don’t mind if that just means I’m only doing the bride or 10 bridesmaids makeup!  I think we need to get realistic as weddings are bloomin’ expensive and I would not want a bride to feel she is immediately priced out of having her makeup done professionally.

I also don’t have a maximum limit, as I find as long as bridesmaids are happy to organise themselves to get up slightly earlier than the bride (most are up all night!) then it all works out just fine and on time!

If you would like to book in for your bridal makeup then contact me here