Why hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding

Well it goes without saying that of course I am going to be biased as to whether you should hire a Makeup Artist for your wedding, but saying that this is one of the things I most regret about my own wedding day.  As being a Makeup Artist, I insisted on doing not just my own bridal makeup, but also that of all my bridal party and my mother’s – not only was the whole experience stressful (I just wanted to sit back and be pampered when it actually came to the day!)  but I was losing time by the end to finish my own makeup.  And it was so silly as I had fellow Makeup Artist’s in the business saying they could help to make the day flow better (mark it up to the bridezilla in me!)  So from my own experience I know how it important it is to have wedding industry experts around you on the day!

5 reasons to consider why you might need a Makeup Artist

*A Makeup Artist (MUA) knows how natural & artificial lighting affects the look of your bridal makeup, and can tailor the products used to the appropriate situation

* You’ll be less stressed as you prepare in the morning, and will be able to just sit back and be pampered for your next life changing step

* Think of your makeup as an investment, as you will be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life and you’ll want to look good!

* A reputable Makeup Artist will have in their kit only the highest quality products and will know the best ones to use for your skin colour and type

* If you’re someone who is not used to wearing makeup and needs a little guidance, then a Makeup Artist can give you the reassurance you need


Image by Robbie Khan Photography