Who is the makeup trial for?

Having a makeup trial is so vitally important for a bride, as it allows you to express yourself through designing your own bespoke bridal look.  It also allows you to get an idea of what the makeup will look like on the wedding day, so that you can piece together what the hairstyle will be like teamed, or perhaps even what the wedding gown will be like sited next to these elements.  I personally treat the trial as a completely open forum where any idea and opinion is welcome, as I would hate to feel like a client couldn’t say anything even if they didn’t like it!

Saying this I would say also that a bridal makeup trial should just be for a bride – it’s your wedding day after all.  I often see brides stressed out or wearing themselves thin because they are trying to organise when this bridesmaid is available, or when that bridesmaid is coming down from wherever they live just for the makeup trial.  Don’t get me wrong it’s nice having your friend there to give a second opinion, or just to be there for support – but really I often feel that it’s just nice for the bride to sit back, relax and have a laid back chat about what they’re after in terms of makeup without worrying about the bridesmaids.  It also saves on the pennies…!!