Which Facial? A quick guide to facials

A lot of Brides plan on getting regular facials before their big day to make sure their skin is in tip top condition, even before makeup application – which is a great idea in my books, and something I have done on a regular basis too.  My clients tend to ask what suit of facial would be best for them and where is the best place to get them done locally.  The key to facials is thinking about what you want to achieve whether it’s to peel away some of the years or to detox and cleanse your skin, or perhaps to repair some damage caused by the sun or acne.  What you’ve got to remember is no matter where you go for treatments, either in a stand alone salon or hotel spa, the staff are there to talk through and analyse what is best for you and your skin type.  Some even offer pre-wedding package treatments, that always good to have a look into.

I personally love the Urban Cleanse facial provided by Elmers Court Hotel in Lymington, as it’s one of those treatments where to can literally feel all your pores getting unblocked and it’s super relaxing!  I also had some minor scars from teenage acne that’s almost all invisible from regular facials.  Another great place for facial treatments is the SenSpa at Careys Manor in Brockenhurst, New Forest and their Willow Hydrate & Glow is perfect for getting rid of dullness in the skin (I often get this done after travelling for a long time by car or plane)

Top Tips

*Don’t be afraid to ask staff what facial is best for you
*Remember what you want to achieve – look into pre-wedding packages