What’s involved in a private makeup session?…

1 hour private session (one-to-one) £65

Session starts with a quick talk regarding hygiene for your makeup kit and tools.  We will go through products you have purchased and learn how to keep them clean for longer to maximise your spend.  Then we can go through any particular subject of makeup application you are uncertain of – for example, eyes/foundation/bronzer.  I will show you how to apply, and then get you to copy while I guide.  We can then go through a small ‘essentials’ shopping list of products you may want to purchase.


2 hour private session (one-to-one) £75

The same as above, but we will have more time to go through a number of application concerns.


3 hour private bridal makeup session (one-to-one) £170

Learn how to apply your bridal makeup to a professional standard to work for photographs, meeting guests and to make it last for at least 15 hours.  We will go through everything from primers to perfecting lipstick stains and applying false eyelashes to an invisible lash line – learn what you need to purchase before the wedding day with a personalised shopping list.  The 3 hour session will allow us to do a ‘show’ and ‘practise’ on all elements of bridal makeup.


Unlike many other Makeup Artists working in this area, I do not stock or work for a particular brand and I will not try to sell you any products.