What your oily skin is trying to tell you…

Of all the skin problems my clients tell me afflicts them, dryness and oily skin always rank high and are conversely at polar opposites.  While the drier skin can feel very tight and, of course, dry…oily skin can feel loose and at times like you have a warm, wet towel permanently being rung from above your head!  I know a lot of clients find having oily skin particularly embarrassing complaining that they are too shiny in photographs, or that makeup falls off of the face very quickly.  I completely believe that to treat the condition, you need to first understand why the skin is behaving the way it does.  As it is often the skin’s way of trying to tell you something important about your diet and general heath.

Oily skin is caused by many factors – genetics being the main suspect.  Other causes are environment, as always, and other more controllably elements such as diet/stress and even cosmetic usage.  Along with age, something no one can control!

To relief your oily skin there is no overnight cure unfortunately.  It’s a long battle with keeping stress levels under control, having a healthy lifestyle with the correct diet and exercise for you and using the right makeup for your skin type choosing ‘oil-free’ products over those that are not.  It’s also really important to moisturize and cleanse the face probably.  Most oily skin suffers believe that by not moisturizing the skin they are helping their condition, when really the skin is screaming out for this sort of treatment.

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