What to expect when hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day…

With the whole organisational process of a wedding, something which is really exciting to book is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist.  It’s just the thought of having your hair and makeup designed especially for you, bespoke elements down to a tee.  It’s not only incredibly relaxing, but also a great time to get creative and completely focus on yourself for an hour or so.  The chaos can wait.  But there are certain things you need to ask yourself before you hire either, and some things that you need understand about each profession.

1. Firstly you need to ask yourself, do I need a hairstylist and makeup artist?  Silly question I know – but if you were, or still are a hairstylist or makeup artist – can you do it yourself?  Or would you allow someone else to do it, and be happy with the result?  If the answer is yes, then go ahead and start researching those fab suppliers.

2. Who to book?  Recommendations go along way, especially from past clients and even wedding suppliers who know people in the biz.  Check out suppliers websites, do they have ‘real’ images or are they using stock images from Google.  Beware those that don’t have up to date examples of their work, or no examples.  Also, do a bit of stalking and search all of their social media pages, are they updating regularly – do you like their work?

3. Ok this ones basic.  Remember when you hire a hairstylist or makeup artist, then that is exactly what they’re going to do.  Style your hair and apply your makeup.  Prepare yourself for the fact that the hairstylist will manage your hair into that perfect wave, or that cute bun you showed them from your mood board.  Don’t have that style everyday?  Then make sure you choose something you know you will be comfortable with, and that you like.  The same goes for the makeup artist – don’t be surprised when they apply more products than you do in a year (not all in one go though!)  Choose a makeup design you are happy with, don’t be surprised when you have makeup on though – as that’s way you hired a makeup artist, right?