What to do before a bridal/wedding makeup trial

I know a lot of brides worry about what to do before a bridal/wedding makeup trial, especially if they are not to sure what they want or what would suit them.  I also get a lot of brides who hardly ever wear makeup, or just use the basics like eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis – so knowing a specific look they want will not come naturally to them.  Or you get the other end of the spectrum, where a bride absolutely 100% knows what she wants, but wants to convey that to a Makeup Artist – it’s knowing how best to communicate.  So I thought I would put together some quick tips.


* Before any makeup is applied talk to your Makeup Artist, we love to hear about your wedding plans & what you want from your bridal makeup.  Don’t be afraid to ask us anything – this is your big day, you want to get it right and have gorgeous memories!

* If your not confident in discussing makeup, then show us – images often speak louder than words!  Don’t be afraid to gather things you particularly like – create a mood board if you want to!

* Talk through any particular worries you have like acne or scars – Makeup Artist’s are specifically trained to deal with skin concerns.

* If you find you don’t like what a Makeup Artist has used, or don’t think the look quite suits you, then always feel you can say something.  I always say to my brides don’t spare my feelings!  Tell me if you don’t like something, because we can always change things – makeup is so versatile!

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