What is the best light to do your bridal makeup in?

I’m often asked what is the best lighting to do makeup in, not just for bridal looks but also for ‘everyday’ makeup application.  Lighting is so important for makeup application, as without correct lighting it can alter the look dramatically – and not always for the better.  So on your wedding day you definitely want to make sure that you’re facing in the best natural lighting, or that your Makeup Artist has put you near a window for that light to come through.

So what is the best lighting?

Natural daylight is the best lighting.  You will be able to see everything and it is very unforgiving without being harsh and unflattering.  It will show you how your makeup looks to everyone around you – be careful though as the temptation is to under apply makeup in this light but for a wedding, and for photographs you do need a little extra to pick up the finer details.  And the better you can see the more you will end up with a professional finish to the application.

Where to sit and what to face

It is best to sit in front of a window, with your face looking to the window – and it’s also a good idea to open the window slightly to allow a cool breeze through.  Try to avoid overhead lighting, or from behind as this causes unwanted shadows and create a bad lighting scenario.  If you have a mirror with bulbs, make sure to look straight ahead so that these are illuminating the front and sides of your face.