What it means to be a Makeup Artist & Wedding Supplier

As a Makeup Artist there is nothing I love more than designing wedding makeup.  It’s incredibly creative and a beautifully emotional experience – where I am literally there, catching a glimpse into someone’s life as they go through a major life changing event.  And nothing beats that look the bride gives me on the wedding day, when they are truly happy with how the makeup design has come together – it’s pure magic.

I’ve been doing this wedding business malarkey for a few years now, not as long as being a Makeup Artist, but long enough to understand and respect this unique position of trust.  I often meet brides at their most stressful time for the makeup trial and for the physical wedding date, and being a previous bride myself, I know what can easily upset the planning balance.  I for one, would not want any makeup design I do to be what irks a bride (and as yet I have not had any major crisis!)  Timing is everything when it comes to a wedding, and being a supplier I know that simple things like being on time is paramount to the perfect flow of morning preparations – whether this is for other suppliers such as Wedding Photographers or to organise a bridal party.  You’ll also find me on the big day setting up and displaying my makeup kit for not just ease of use, but for those ‘getting ready’ shots your Photographer often wants to take, and I have learnt what works well in an image in terms of brushes and key items.

I think being a Makeup Artist and Wedding Supplier puts me in a unique position, and one that I truly love and enjoy x