What is in a name…MAC cosmetics name & brief history

The first thing I get asked by my clients when I pull out a MAC item from my kit, is what does M.A.C actually stands for?  And it literally just means make-up cosmetics.

You might be interested to know that MAC actually has it’s origins in Toronto, but you’d be forgiven by thinking that it came from somewhere like New York.  Makeup artist & photographer Frank Toskan teemed up with beauty salon owner Frank Angleo to make a product line with a difference.  Frustrated by the lack of colours that would work well with photography, they developed a studio line that would fulfil their professional needs.  and thus MAC was born.  Made from their kitchen, they sold the products out of Angleo’s salon and soon word spread of this new genius makeup line.

Package-wise, it stood out too: it was chic utility. Everything came in black pots rather than compacts. One of the most popular new offerings was an intense matte red lipstick that was used on a photo shoot with a New York cabaret star named Madonna, later photographed wearing a M·A·C T-shirt, the revolution was on. While other major makeup brands were predominantly skincare companies, M·A·C chose instead to establish itself as the ultimate colour authority.

Which it still is today x