What happens at a Wedding Fayre?

When my friends ask me what I’m doing at the weekend I normally reply ‘Off to a Wedding’, or ‘Going to meet a bride for a makeup trial’  but sometimes I say I’m doing a wedding fayre, to which they ask what does that involve?  I know a lot of couples are often put off by going to a wedding fayre, worried that they will be bombarded by vendors asking for email addresses or given a one day 10% discount if you book today now only!!!  But actually they are exceptionally tame and suppliers are simply there to answer any questions, and put people at ease – something which we are used to doing!  I tend to do a lot of fayres where I have been personally approached by a venue, or I have worked with that particular hotel/organisation before – which means that you tend to get individually selected and recommended suppliers for the venue, who are all very very good at their job (no one wants an upset bride)

So what happens at a Wedding Fayre?

OK, so once your at the venue/hotel you will normally be asked when your wedding date is and if you have already booked it, then you will be given a brochure detailing all the suppliers that are at the event today in case you miss anyone that you might later want to book.  Then it’s really up to you what you want to do, whether to speak to anyone and everyone or to just go to the vendors you want to book like a florist or cake maker.  There is absolutely no pressure to book there and then, but the vendor should get their diary to make sure you are not disappointed later – something which I hate doing to brides but the fact is we are all getting booked 2 years in advance these days!

Wedding fayres can be really insightful and fun, and should give you enough information to make an informed choice.  So don’t be afraid to attend them! x