Wedding beauty treatments, or what not to leave till the big day to do

I’ve been in the wedding industry for a good three years now and I can nearly say I’ve seen it all (in the nicest possible way!)  I’m still really surprised when I get a spreadsheet handed to me from a bride on the morning of the wedding, advising exactly what time each person should be getting their hair styled or makeup done to keep everyone on time.  I love it!  It appeals to the organised person in me.  Your wedding morning is not the time to take things slowly, only perhaps if you have a small bridal party.  Nor is it the time to try any new beauty treatments, apart from your makeup.  Here is a list of beauty treatments you do not want to leave last minute…

1. Manicures or Pedicures…I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen a bride and bridesmaids leaving this until the wedding morning to do.  Unless you are skilled in applying varnish and have a steady hand, do not leave this to do on the day – I’ve seen so many tears over this, of brides who have got their bridesmaids to do their manicure and it’s already chipped because they have had to go and do something last minute and of course worn away the none dry varnish.  If you want a manicure or pedicure get it done the day before, where you will have time and get it applied by a professional using Shellac to make sure it doesn’t chip!

2. Fake tans…There is a distinct smell that comes with fake tanning and it’s not good, unless you go for an expensive brand.  Putting on fake tan is a massive no, no on the big day – not lease because it will almost definitely transfer onto your wedding dress and stain.  But also if you do not take the time to apply fake tan gradually it is very obvious, orange and evident on elbows, the neck and on feet.  If you want to fake it build it up on the follow up weeks to the wedding and get it done professionally.

3. Teeth Whitening…If you are getting your teeth professionally whitened you need to leave a good 6 weeks before.  This helps in building up the bleach and also ensures you have enough time to combat any sensitivity after bleaching.  If you are just leaving this till the wedding morning there is no point as the bleach won’t have had enough time to get working.  Instead use a tooth whitening toothpaste which is milder and won’t have the same sensitivity.

4.  Getting a facial…Facials by nature are used to bring out toxins and impurities by putting these near the surface of the skin causing a dullness and spots, which is not permanent and just means that the facial is working.  Not the best solution on your wedding day when you want your skin to be bright, dewy and spot free for those photographs.  If you want a facial get it done at least 12-6 weeks before the wedding.

5.   Semi-permanent false eyelashes…I’m personally not the biggest fan of semi-permanent falsies, mainly because they have a bad track record of clients loosing their own eyelashes when they are removed – but I know a lot of people love them and that is absolutely ok with me.  But if you’re not used to this effect then I highly recommend getting them applied a couple of days before the wedding, as some will fall out as they settle onto the eye line.