Updating mum & nan’s makeup bag

We all tend to find at some point in our lives that we get stuck in a bit of a routine, non so more apparent than in our makeup bags.  We get caught up in using the same brand, the same products and normally all stored in the same bag for years!  A few of my more mature clients tend to hire me because they have no idea what suits them anymore, how to apply it and what’s actually out there for them.  My own mum, like many others, need a little push into new products that are far better for their skin type and that have fresher colours.  So how to update mum & nan’s makeup bag?  I’ve put together a few tips & tricks I use with my own mummy x

* Get their skin properly assessed – they may have had oily skin in their teens, but this can often change into another category making the product they are currently using null and void.  Clinique has the best counters for skin type placement.

* Source a more flattering eyeshadow and lipstick shade – I tend to use eye tints from Becca & creamy eyeshadow formulas from Bobbi Brown, as they last longer & tend not to crease.  I also tend to favour browny/gold shimmers & light mauve’s.

* For lipstick I always use a very moisture intense formula like those from Rimmel and avoid anything too harsh in colour – as this can often bleed into the skin around the lips, ageing a person unnecessarily.

* Purchase a new makeup bag as a little pressie.  Often we forget about the bacteria that can build up in a much loved makeup kit, so regular cleaning is a must.