Trying to be a ‘green’ company, or near as…

At the beginning of 2015 I made a conscious decision to try and make my business as green as possible, after feeling guilty at the many motorway miles I had put in in the previous year.  We had also just moved to the countryside, and something about appreciating my beautiful surroundings made me want to have a positive ‘green’ outlook.

So after taking out the usual expenditure, a small portion of the monies I receive from makeup jobs goes towards buying something for the environment whether it’s a plant, a bee hotel or a some meadow seeds – it’s all to minimise my carbon footprint.  I also refuse to have or use plastic bags and opt instead to use the much stronger hessian bag, or fabric shopper bag if I’m buying a few products for the kit.  I also empty and recycle old makeup products as much as I can, often taking apart and separating plastic and glass from a container.  I’ve also found that regularly washing my car with collected rain water is much softer to the cars paintwork, and really helps with making the car more economic on the road.  Along with emptying the car of unnecessary weight, and checking the fuel and water levels.  I’m not too sure of the science behind it, but for me it works. Especially with saving me money on petrol!  And I can then pass that saving onto my clients.

I’ve still got a long way to go before being completely green, but I’ll get there!  x