Trending wedding themes I love…

The wedding industry is no less susceptible to a trend or two than the fashion world is, perhaps even more so.  A couple of years ago everything was shabby chic, vintage lace and high tea.  Now we’re coming into a ‘I don’t do trends’ trend were couples are reinventing what a wedding means to them, and making it truly personal – no matter what the norms are, which I think is absolutely fantastic!

Currently though there are a few trends that people are loving, including me.

Ballet beautiful – as in half performance, half bridal makeup.  Impactful, yet soft eyes meets flawless skin and ballet pink lips.  Lengthening false eyelashes with a an extended cat flick over & underneath the eye.  See my ballet photoshoot for more.

Silk, slim fitting wedding gowns – one trend for the more slimmer bride, that skin like texture is very popular with those blessed with no stomach and a smaller chest.

Flamingo styling – always a good trend it speaks of cocktails, holidays in the sun and mostly importantly adds a bit of fun x


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