To prime, or not to prime…?

This is something I always get lots of questions on – what is primer and is it really needed?  I actually often use between 2-3 primers on one single bride, as they do so many different and wonderful things to your skin which are just perfect for creating that flawless wedding ‘glow’ look.  Primers are literally that, they prepare and set the skin ready for makeup application – whether that is for eyeshadow, foundation or concealers.  I personally use a primer called Pores No More by Dr Brandt just by itself as the velvety primer closes my pores, absorbs excess oil, blurs fine lines and gives a smooth even finish that I find often doesn’t require me to apply foundation.

With my brides, I tend to use an eye primer by Urban Decay in Original, or use their Anti-Ageing primer – this just allows me to get an even, more blended finish to the eyeshadows and also makes sure the shadow does not crease on the eye later that day.  I then tend to use Pores No More by Dr Brandt or Smashbox Photo Finish primer, followed by Porefessional by Benefit, to really minimise those pores and get a great even finish.  Once this is all set and dry to the touch, I then begin applying thin layers of my personally blended and colour matched foundation to my bride.

Primers definitely give skin that added touch of perfection, and it’s something that I would highly recommend to any bride! x