Tips for tired, puffy or swollen eyes

We all tend to have a stage in our lives when we suffer from tired, puffy or even swollen eyes – whether this is because of a change in climate, having to stay up late for work & children, or perhaps even an allergy that has recently flared up.  Whilst makeup can cover these issues to a certain degree, they cannot unfortunately, alter the size of any puffiness or swelling – so its really important to try and naturally tackle these before the wedding day.  So I have put together a few tips to hopefully help you on your way to beautiful, healthy eyes x

* Use a specialist eye cream around this delicate area – I personally like to use Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, as the metal tip you use to message the cream in is refreshingly cold.

* Pop all your eye creams, and facial moisturisers, in the fridge as this will give you a nice cooling sensation when applied that will help with the swelling.

* Make sure to take any hay-fever tablets on the morning of the wedding, to keep those allergies at bay – remember to read medicine labels carefully.

* Nothing beats the old fashioned cucumber pieces on the eyes for an instant lift.  I also tend to buy a cucumber facial from boots called Yestocucumbers calming facial mask which I also stick in the fridge for that extra lift x