Tips for male grooming – wedding day & beyond

A lot of men are now more interested in personal grooming and appearance, making it definitely the age of the ‘modern man’ – which is great, as anything that get’s men into skin care and protection is very worth while.  Most men now take their wedding day as the perfect opportunity to consider a more regular skin regime, and more recently, how they want to be pampered with many favoring a calming professional wet shave with heated towels and luxurious smelling aftershave.

So while having a lovely bearded husband myself, I thought I would put some tips together to help the male of the species!

Tips for grooming

* Get into the habit of regularly applying a daily moisturizing sunscreen on the run up to the wedding.  Not only will this ensure that your skin is protected from the harmful effects of the sun, but will make your skin soft and subtle.

* Remember with male grooming products less is definitely more.  You will save yourself product & money by using little and not so often!

* Use a gentle facial exfoliator once every two weeks to lift away dead skin cells and to feel refreshed.

* Try not to wash your face with just soap – it is extremely drying to the skin and can cause it to react in a bad way.  Instead use a cleanser that is appropriate to your skin type.  Clinique do a whole range of male specific products.