Tips for getting those ‘wedding prep’ photographs just right…

I am completely fascinated by ‘wedding prep’ images.  Whenever I receive pics from photographers I always go to these first as you can’t help but be drawn to these initial glimpses.  Wedding photographers all seem to have this amazing ability to get creative with the placement of shoes, flowers and especially with the wedding bands.  I’ve seen rings placed on strawberries, peaches, on shoe heels and even in a conker shell!  It’s bonkers, but my word does it work!  Here are a few tips for making sure everything is ready for your wedding preps x

1.  If getting ready at your house, parents or even the venue try and make sure the space you have allocated for hair & beauty is kept clear of suitcases and clutter.  Make sure there is no ‘litter’ like left over breakfast or lunch empties, as these do not photograph well in the background.

2.  If it’s in the budget try and source a pretty, chic kimono or elegant bath robe that photographs nicely.  You can always treat the bridesmaids to the same, or slightly different kimono so you all look beautifully paired.  This will look so much better than being photographed in your cosy PJ’s that may have seen better days!

3.  Get one of your bridesmaids or mother to have your shoes, veil or hair piece, jewellery, wedding gown, perfume and wedding rings laid out somewhere safe for the photographer to literally pick up as soon as they arrive to take and photograph.  That way you won’t be rushing around trying to find all these.

Photography by Ikonworks