Tips for getting those ‘wedding morning’ photographs just perfect…

If your a complete wedding nerd like myself and regularly visit wedding blogs, you’ll often see inspiring photographs of real life wedding examples  – I’m particularly fascinated by the morning preparation ones, that Wedding Photographers seem to capture so beautifully.  Like getting the shoes, flowers and rings to look so stunning and inviting, and of course getting the bride to look relaxed and happy as she prepares to make her entrance.  Often being involved in these photographs, I have learnt a few tricks along the way to make sure your photographs are picture perfect…

Tips for getting those ‘wedding morning’ photographs just perfect

* If you can, make sure the room you are getting ready in is clear of suitcases/clutter and the bed has been made.  If your staying in a hotel, then ask the staff to come in early to prepare the room for you.

* Make sure to eat breakfast, shower, wash hair and brush teeth before wedding suppliers arrive

* If it’s in the budget, buy a new bathrobe/Kimono or pyjamas that will look neat and tidy in the photographs – and ask your bridesmaids if they could also make sure they are presentable

* Lay out your wedding dress, veil or hair piece and shoes for your photographer – they will often ask for these and take them out of the room to be photographed

* Your wedding suppliers will often sit you by the window to get the best natural daylight for hair and makeup – so make sure this area is clear & presentable