Tips for getting that perfect prom look

With prom season well under way, I’m finding that my diary is packed with bookings from schools all over the Hampshire area which is fantastic, cause I’m a sucker for a sparkly prom outfit!  I simply love doing prom makeup as I quite often find my girlies are so inventive and choose really bright complimentary looks, that all have that wow factor.  So I thought I’d pop together some helpful tips for getting that prom makeup looking just perfect x

Top tips for perfect prom makeup

1.  Before applying any makeup make sure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin.  Wait 15 minutes for the skin to settle.

2.  Try using a nose strip to unblock pores

3.  If you want to have a bit of a tan make sure to fake it, and don’t feel tempted to bake in the sun.  If using fake tan, build the colour gradually over two weeks

4.  Try and do your makeup after your hair, as this will stop any makeup being washed/rubbed off when hairstyling

5.  Before applying eye makeup, use eye drops to freshen those peepers after all that exam revision!


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