Tips for applying makeup in a tropical or hot climate

Our British weather seems to be forever changing and what used to be easy guaranteeing good, dry weather for a summer wedding is now a bit of a stab in the dark.  However, on those gloriously rare occasions when the sun does decide to come out, you need to be prepared to slightly change your method of applying your bridal makeup.  So here are my top tips for tackling the heat on your special day x

Tips for applying makeup in hot weather

* Before applying makeup, pop on a fan on light/medium strength, slightly to one side on the dressing table.  This will keep your face and hands free of sweat.

* Build up your makeup, especially foundation, in light thin layers – that way you are less likely to make a mistake by applying too much.

* Keep oil away from the face by using blotting paper, like those available from MAC.  They soak up the sweat without destroying the makeup.

* Have a little bit of powder with you to touch up during the day – make sure to concentrate your attention on the forehead, nose and chin.