Things to do after your wedding…

With so many things to remember before the wedding like venue decorations, favours, who’s going in what car – it can often skip your mind what important stuff you need to do after the big day (and who can blame you!)  So I thought I would put together a little list of things that I wished I’d known for my wedding – hope it helps! x

Things to do after your wedding day

1.  Make sure you agree with the venue what you want to keep, and what they can bin/recycle – some venues will not dispose of anything so you need to check this.

2.  If staying at your venue overnight make sure to pack everything!  Often your still riding high with emotions and forget silly things like your toothbrush!

3.  Before opening your gifts and cards from your guests, make sure to have a pen and paper with you to write down who gave what – this might sound callous, but it will seem wonderfully personal when thanking your guests for specific gifts.

4.  Thank guests!  It’s really lovely to write to your wedding guests afterwards to thank them for attending, and or for their gifts.  Who doesn’t like being thought of?

5.  Make sure all the groomsmen have returned their hire suits (if applicable) and that you are not left with any fine for late delivery.

6.  Have your wedding dress dry-cleaned and stored.  I love my wedding dress box from The Empty Box Company, it looks suitably stylish and practical in my bedroom.  I’ve also used it to store my daughter’s Christening outfit.