The morning of the wedding – what to expect, what to plan for

With planning a wedding there is so much to consider like the venue, table decorations and that  dress…but a little time should be taken on how you want your morning to flow, as this can really make your day feel that extra bit special (no one wants to feel rushed & stressed before those vital few moments)  So as someone who has been there, I have put together a few tips and just a few items to think about – hope this helps all you beautiful brides x

Photographs by: Samantha Davis Photography

What to expect

* The venue’s wedding coordinator will keep a close eye on the time for you, to make sure you have plenty of time for you before the proceedings

*  Suppliers that you have booked will start arriving, setting up and getting everything ready.  This can be an exciting time if you have booked a hairstylist & Makeup Artist, as it signals the final stages before you get married!

* The wedding Photographer (and assistant if applicable) will arrive and start taking those gorgeous ‘getting ready’ photographs

Photographs by Samantha Davis Photography

What to plan for

* If you are having a few morning photographs taken, make sure you are vaguely presentable even if this just means draping a cute bridal Kimono over your PJ’s – because as much as those onesies are comfortable & warm, they may date your photographs!

* Make sure you & your bridal party have a little Champagne put to the side for the morning

* Make sure you know what wedding supplier is arriving at what time, what you need to pay them & what time everything should take – embrace your inner geek and plot a spreadsheet if you have to!  You will find this invariable on the day…x