The morning of the wedding – what to expect, what to plan for…

When planning a wedding there is so much to consider; the venue, catering, table decorations and finding ‘that’ dress – so you would be forgiven not spending much thought to how you want the morning of the wedding to flow.  But believe me whatever little time you spend planning the morning will really pay off and reward you will a peaceful, stress free beginning to the day.  Here are a few tips to help you battle the time!

What to expect

* If you’re having your wedding at a special venue, expect to meet the wedding coordinator early in the morning.  It’s their job to keep an eye on what is going on around the venue with regards to setup and to also keep everything on track – including you.

*  Wedding Suppliers that you have booked will start arriving, setting up and getting everything ready at the time you have agreed.  This should be worked out from the time you need to be ready to leave your room, or house – to what the wedding supplier recommends.  Be prepared to get up nice and early, especially if you have a large wedding party.

* If you have arranged with your Wedding Photographer to arrive when your getting ready, be prepared by making sure no large suitcases or bags are in the way in the room to really get those perfect pics.  Get a bridesmaid, if needed, to move the items.  Otherwise, expect the photographer to move it.

What to plan for

* If you are having a few morning photographs taken, make sure you are vaguely presentable even if this just means draping a cute bridal Kimono over your PJ’s – because as much as those onesies are comfortable & warm they don’t look attractive in wedding photographs!

* Make sure you & your bridal party have a little Champagne put to the side for the morning to slowly sip.

* Make sure you know what wedding supplier is arriving at what time, what you need to pay them & what time everything should take – embrace your inner geek and plot a spreadsheet if you have to!  You will find this invaluable on the day…x