The importance of moisturizing…

I have worked with a whole range of clients differing in skin type, age and condition.  Something which I feel most passionate about is the continual use of moisturisers throughout life.  Moisturising is even more important now in modern life as our skin has to put up with a whole range of external elements such as pollution, poor air and the ever present damage of the sun’s rays.

I have to be honest and say that as a makeup artist I can definitely tell the difference between someone who moisturisers regularly to someone who doesn’t.  For those that don’t use moisturiser the skin appears dull & shallow with continual flaky loose skin, often accompanied by poor lip condition too.  While for clients who regularly hit the moisturiser bottle the reverse can be said.  I also get a little frustrated by clients who say that their makeup doesn’t go on well, or they are not wearing any more products as they don’t perform how they want.  The answer is simple.  Moisturise.  If you do not have a good solid base then makeup will not look as good as someone who takes care of their skin.

It’s a bit like having the correct fitting underwear underneath that stunning dress!  Get the basics covered then you’ll be sailing away on the makeup dream train…x