That wedding makeup video and more…

Last year I decided to embark on making a promotional wedding makeup video, to showcase what I do basically. I wanted the video to have an air of wedding morning excitement, whilst showing potential clients what is actually involved ‘behind the scenes’ and how much of my skill I put into every single bridal makeup design.  I also wanted to get a couple of local businesses to provide flowers and a very bridal’y’ background in the form of Bleu Bridal Gowns boutique in Southampton.  The striking red roses were from Jo Hicks Flowers in Hythe.

I still get chills every time I watch the video as it is a statement to the support I feel I have from other wedding suppliers, and how far I have built my business.  So what’s next?  Well I’m thinking of doing a set of tutorial videos showing the very basics of looking after your makeup & brushes, and how I create some of my designs.

But we’ll see!…x