Teenage makeup…skin care and beyond

Try as we might, teenage girls feel only confident when they have a degree of makeup on – especially at school.  Whether this is because the younger population are inundated with ‘perfect’ images that are rarely revealed to be airbrushed, and like most of us at that age are highly influential.  But rather than discourage the use of makeup (which I find never works!) try to use this delicate time to teach them a good skin routine that they will thank you for in years to come.


Here are my tips for teenage makeup worries

* Try to teach them the difference between quality and quantiy when it comes to makeup products and application.  Quite often teenagers feel they have bad skin all over or spots covering 95% of their features.  In reality they might have a couple of small clusters of spots that just need the lightest touch to cover.

* Get them to do their homework by watching Youtube makeup tutorials, such as those by sister duo and Professional Makeup Artists Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge.

* If a new spot has appeared DON’T point it out!  Teenagers are incredibly sensitive about their features at this time, and it’s just not nice someone pointing out your flaws – even if you are their mum!

* The best brands for teenage skin are Laura Mercier oil-free products, Clinique reduce red foundation, Vichy Dermablend and M.A.C eyeshadows.