Kelly & Dave’s wedding on Love My Dress

Yesterday I was informed by Kelly & Dave’s wedding photography Sarah Williams that their wedding is currently featured on one of the biggest blogs out there… Love My Dress.  I am so happy for Kelly & Dave as they are both incredibly lovely people, so utterly deserve their wedding to be seen by others and for those new couples to be inspired to create their own romantic big day.  Kelly and her bridesmaids were an absolute dream to work with – they were all so relaxed with their makeup requirements and were happy for me just to design away in the morning.

It was just such a perfect day and this is definitely the icing on the cake!

Suppliers – Sarah Williams Photography | Upwaltham Barns | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal | White Designs Bridal | Rachel Simpson Shoes | Spriggs Florist | Suephisticated Wedding Cakes | Jessica Short Hair + Makeup | Frances Moore MUA


BASH 2017!

WOW!  What a day yesterday was!  We had all the fun at BASH wedding showcase, held at the Guildhall Winchester.  Hair stylist Michelle Crosser and myself created a soft, pretty bridal hair and makeup design for model Chloe Lancaster – who was so wonderful and a pleasure as always to work with.  We then collaborated with Maids to Measure and Judith Searles Flowers to finish the sweet, dewy spring look.  Later changing the flowers to a hair comb from Victoria Fergusson Accessories, and another Maids to Measure gown.

This image of Chloe by Matt Lee Photographic says it all really…the power of wedding supplier collaboration.

Photography by Matt Lee Photographic

The Manor Barn, Wiltshire and me…

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that I’m now on the recommended wedding supplier list, for charming wedding venue The Manor Barn – Winterbourne Stoke!  I fell in the love with this place as soon as I saw it, when Michelle Crosser of Bridal Hair in Hampshire, said I should really see this incredible venue and contact owner Pippa to get onto her fab list of suppliers.  I simply cannot wait to be involved in this stunning venue, and to work with its beautiful brides.

There may also be a certain styled shoot planned there shortly…shhh x

Somerley House and me…

I am very pleased to announce that I am now on the recommended supplier list for the epically beautiful Somerley House, located in Ringwood New Forest.  This private estate is opening it’s doors this year to wedding parties, and I am so proud to be on their elite list of wedding suppliers – ready to make each and every bride feel amazing and look equally epic and beautiful x

Photography by Ikonworks


Little Book for brides and me…

Last year saw the massive launch of a new directory for brides, by the ‘holy grail’ of everything weddings – Love My Dress.  Little Book for Brides was born – made for brides to be their ‘little black book’ of the top wedding suppliers in the country.  Personally picked and championed by the Love My Dress team, brides are reassured that their choice of supplier is backed by the most trusted wedding blog in the UK.  I simply love being a part of this amazing project and have already had some enquiries from it, so I am really pleased at it’s success on a personal level x

Timing your wedding morning…

At some point in your wedding planning journey someone would have said to you that time will fly by on the day of the wedding, and to make sure you slow down to enjoy every minute of it.  This is absolutely true.  Time will literally get away from you when you least suspect it, so it’s important to consider timing when organising your morning especially.  And if you don’t know how much time everything takes – ask your suppliers.  I often get clients who are surprised how much time everything takes, but it’s important if you want quality to be a priority on your big day.  You would not expect a ‘rush job’ on anything else you had invested in, and paid good money for so why expect it on one of the most important day’s of your life?  We don’t say you need to wake up early to be mean, we do it because that is how long something will take.  And it all comes from experience.

But it works both ways.  The supplier should confirm in writing the time they will arrive, and any amendments should be confirmed before the big day x

Flexibility with payment…

Something which I really appreciated when I was planning my wedding, was having a bit of flexibility with paying suppliers.  As I didn’t want to carry any cash with me on the big day, I wanted everything completely paid off and have nothing to worry about.  Therefore, I like to extend this courtesy to my bridal clients so they to experience that sense of enjoyment on the day.  So long as payments are made at least 14 days before the wedding, I don’t mind if you want to pay in bits or in chunks – whatever is best for you.  Once you have paid your £70 deposit – no other wedding can be booked on your big day, so my attention is completely focused on you x

As featured on…My Wedding Fair Hampshire.CO.UK

I became aware of this beautiful new website through Tasha Newland of Ikonworks, when she was working on press releases for the front cover of Wedding Ideas Magazine (August Issue 163)  I loved the concept of the site, and the way that editor Kimberley had taken her time to get the look and feel just right.  The site overs an online wedding fair, with real locally sourced suppliers, available 24/7 and without actually having to leave the comfort of your own home. A real bonus for most couples who don’t want to spend their precious weekends trawling wedding supplier stands, and feeling awkward when asking questions.  Or worse, pressured into booking anything there and then (can’t stand hard sales people!)  So this site is really a breath of fresh air.  I’m loving it and I hope you find it useful too x

My Wedding Fair Hampshire


Local cake designers that will blow your mind…

I love being a wedding supplier and get to meet so many talented people.  One of my favourite supplier categories is cake maker/designer…maybe not for my waist line though!  Whenever I do a wedding fayre or showcase I always have to stop and having a little chat with the ‘cake ladies’, purely for the fact that I am always amazed at their delicate,beautiful work that makes my homemade victoria sponge look like road kill.  But I’m ok with that, so long as I get a taste test at the end of the showcase!  I’ve listed some of my absolute faves that I have had the privilege of seeing their work first hand.

Jill The Cakemaker / Karens Clever Cakes / MurrayMe Hand Painted Cakes / Kelly’s CakeAway / Chalming Cake Designs

Art Deco Cake by Jill The Cakemaker

008-Art Deco-150316-6958