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With all this snow I can’t help but think back to last year’s summer weddings. Including this cracking one – Helena and her girl gang were simply gorgeous people. Plus Helena had the most wonderful weather for her wedding day x

Image Asrphoto Wedding Photography | Makeup Frances Moore MUA | Hair Bridal Hair Hampshire By Michelle Crosser | Venue Norton Park Hotel

REPOST // Tips for getting those ‘wedding prep’ photographs just right…

I am completely fascinated by ‘wedding prep’ images.  Whenever I receive pics from photographers I always go to these first as you can’t help but be drawn to these initial glimpses.  Wedding photographers all seem to have this amazing ability to get creative with the placement of shoes, flowers and especially with the wedding bands.  I’ve seen rings placed on strawberries, peaches, on shoe heels and even in a conker shell!  It’s bonkers, but my word does it work!  Here are a few tips for making sure everything is ready for your wedding preps x

1.  If getting ready at your house, parents or even the venue try and make sure the space you have allocated for hair & beauty is kept clear of suitcases and clutter.  Make sure there is no ‘litter’ like left over breakfast or lunch empties, as these do not photograph well in the background.

2.  If it’s in the budget try and source a pretty, chic kimono or elegant bath robe that photographs nicely.  You can always treat the bridesmaids to the same, or slightly different kimono so you all look beautifully paired.  This will look so much better than being photographed in your cosy PJ’s that may have seen better days!

3.  Get one of your bridesmaids or mother to have your shoes, veil or hair piece, jewellery, wedding gown, perfume and wedding rings laid out somewhere safe for the photographer to literally pick up as soon as they arrive to take and photograph.  That way you won’t be rushing around trying to find all these.

Rachel & Chris’s Sopley Mill Wedding, Dorset

Gorgeous bride Rachel and Chris got married at Dorset wedding venue Sopley Mill this summer, and what a glorious day they had for it.  Super hot and sunny!  I simply loved designing Rachel’s bridal makeup – making it all about the eyes.  These are my most favourite images of their day, beautifully captured by Mia Photography, Rachel and her beau and one with her girlies… just everything a wedding should be about x

Images Mia Photography | Makeup Frances Moore MUA | Flowers Jennifer Poynter Flowers | Venue Sopley Mill

REPOST // Uncovering the truth about false eyelashes and why they shouldn’t be dismissed

I am a big believer in the lash.  Love ’em or hate ’em there is no denying that false eyelashes dramatically change the look and feel of any makeup design.  There are a lot of misconceptions about false eyelashes and the name doesn’t help!  Often these little beauties are referred to as fake, false or falsies giving us an assumption that we will look fake or false wearing.  This is simply not true.  I for one champion this misunderstood tool – as that is exactly what it is.  When matched and applied well false eyelashes enhance and become as important as foundation is to a makeup look.  The key is research.  When starting on your false eyelashe journey go for a light band with feathering lashes and practise, practise, practise!!

I regularly use false eyelashes with my clients.  Brides especially love the added effect this brings to their wedding makeup.  They also show up amazingly well in photographs and are great for all those ‘sighing’ in love looks to the camera! x

Photography Ikonworks

Summer wedding, bridal makeup and working with Big Bouquet Photography…

Recently I got the chance to design a bridal makeup look for a summer wedding, where Amy the bride, really embraced her wedding theme through every sense of the word.  I did a blog post a few weeks ago about Amy’s wedding and her bridal makeup, but after receiving these scrumptious images from her photographer Big Bouquet I thought I’d discuss her look in more detail and the inspiration behind her bespoke design.

I met Amy a few weeks before her wedding for a makeup trial, where she explained her wedding theme and showed me what she had planned for her hair and wedding dress.  From there I knew I had to do a combination of structure through the eye (as Amy’s eyes are incredible) with a warm complexion, ruddy cheeks and a stained lip.  Giving the whole look a sort of walking through the sunflowers feel.  So to do this I introduced a formal smokey eye using browns to ever so slightly soften the look, coupled with a warmer shade of foundation and cream blusher for the cheeks.  I then created a deep stain in the lips and added a moisturising lipstick to give it a loose look, rather than matte.

Amy loved the design, and I have to say if I were to get married again then is is most likely what I would choose as well.

I also got the chance to meet Amy’s wedding photographer for the day – Emma Davenport of Big Bouquet Photography.  Which was utterly amazing as I completely love her and her husband’s photography!  See Emma’s blog post for more on Amy and Neale’s wedding at Burley Manor Barn x

nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-6 nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-25 nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-27 nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-29 nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-1 nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-32

Amy and her New Forest summer wedding at Burley Manor Barn…

This morning I had the pleasure of doing Amy’s bridal makeup for her wedding in the New Forest, at the newly refurbished Burley Manor Barn.  Amy’s wedding theme today is summer and all the delicate pastel shades that go with it.  She had the most exquisite flowers made for her featuring a mini version of a sunflower, gypsophila and a small peach rose bud to complete the chic look.  Amy wanted her makeup to therefore be kept simple, yet have that wow factor through the eyes – which I think works wonderfully well for her as she has the most amazing large eyes.

For Amy’s bridesmaids I used a pastel mauve through the eyes, and used the same lipstick colour for the whole bridal party to unite them.  Because of the very loose, free nature of the wedding Amy didn’t want her bridesmaids to feel ‘over done’ and just wanted everything relaxed and peaceful – which it definitely was this morning! x

Photography by Big Bouquet Photography

nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-6 nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-25nealeamy_burleymanor_bigbouquet-27



Kim’s sunny wedding at Highfield Park Hotel, Hook

I arrived to a very warm and sunny Highfield Park Hotel in Hook this morning to begin working with bride Kim, creating her classic wedding makeup design.  I met Kim way back in October last year to do a bridal makeup trial with her, as she simply couldn’t wait to get stuck in and plan her perfect wedding.

Kim just really wanted something that wouldn’t date and remain ‘timeless’ in her wedding photography – which was to be conducted by DM Photography.  We both decided warm browns, a neat lined eye, rosy cheeks and pink lips were the way to go…so that’s exactly what I did.  Kim already has exceptional skin so I didn’t really need to cover any of that flawless base, instead opting for a light coverage using MAC Face & Body Fluid foundation.  I actually created a bespoke lip colour for Kim using MAC lipstick in LoveLorn with Chanel 54 Boy lipstick – Kim loved it and I think it works to pull everything together x

Photography by DM Photography



More previews from our ballerina photoshoot…

I received the full photoshoot from Az at Lemontree Photography a few days ago now, and ever since then I have been pouring over every single image just appreciating the skill, light and of course the modelling from our ballerina Rebecca Nutt.  I love both the colour and the B/W images – which is quite rare for me as I usually always hone in on colour (being a makeup artist) but the black & white ones add to the shoot perfectly, capturing what the colour images perhaps miss.

So what’s install for the photoshoot?  Well hopefully publication, or blog content…


Photography by Lemontree Photography

Working with Az Rehman of Lemontree Photography

I had known of Az by association through various wedding fayres that we had both attended, and by talking to other photographers who always say that Az is the ‘godfather of photography’ and someone they would turn to if they needed help with their own images.  So I knew he was one of the best.  I then got the chance to work with Az myself on a couple of weddings last year, and loved the final result (see my bridal gallery for these)  I decided to contact Az when I had an idea for a photoshoot – art deco with a contemporary twist, or 21st century Great Gatsby.  He was very excited by the concept that we set about straight away getting a location, model and other wedding suppliers onboard.  We had a great time, even though the day was long – Az kept us all happy and on our toes, so the day didn’t drag.  Something that I now know is a vital skill for a photographer.

We loved working together so much that we then set about our next shoot, the ballerina, which was just a really easy/low key affair with just Az, ballerina Rebecca Nutt and myself.  I loved this shoot as we just had a bit of a laugh and played around with different styles, which meant the images hold their own.

I do love working with Az as we share a vision but equally differ when it matters to make this images really individual.


Hannah and her romantic tribute to a family tradition…

It’s hard to believe that this beauty got married two months ago, on a very drizzly September morning in the New Forest.  Hannah, ever the optimist, was not deterred by the weather and was determined to enjoy every minute of the wedding morning preparations.

I loved Hannah’s colour scheme for her late summer wedding – she had decided to go with a deep rich blue for her bridesmaids dresses, yet kept the flowers very pale blue with some gorgeous pastel shades all beautifully done by my favourite florist Jo Hicks Flowers.  As Hannah’s wedding dress was to be very delicate, with lace and a fitted bodice we decided upon a classic bridal makeup look – keeping it simple with soft browns and a neatly lined eye, with just a good coat of mascara rather than false eyelashes.  Hannah was then going to go onto Beaulieu Abbey Church, which is very significant to her as other family members have been married there in the past – making that romantic connection and tribute.

Hannah then went onto The Master Builder’s Hotel, where her elegant vintage theme was perfectly set out by the wedding team there.  All of this was beautifully captured by Mia Photography

Robert&Hannah-019_Mia-Photography Robert&Hannah-378_Mia-Photography Robert&Hannah-379_Mia-Photography