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REPOST// The big questions – No. 5: Will I look overdone and not like myself?

A very common worry among brides (when considering to hire a makeup artist) is that they will not look like themselves, or that they will be too heavily made up.  There isn’t a bride alive who doesn’t want that pleasant in-take of breath when she enters the room, and see’s her guests and partner for the first time.  You want to be breathtaking for all the right reasons, and any makeup artist worth her salt will always strive to help create that moment for you.  Here are a few myth busters to help you make your choice.

1. One of the most common fears surrounding hiring a makeup artist, is that you will be made to look too heavily ‘made up’ and covered in foundation.  Believe me, no one wants that!  True, we will use slightly more products than than your usual everyday look, but that is only because the makeup design has to work well for meeting guests, different lighting effects, professional photographs and lasting the distance on what is a joyful – but long day.

2. At the makeup trial you will be asked what is usual for you in terms of your everyday look, and what products you like to use.  That way we can design something that is very typically you, yet slightly tweaked to be the very best version of yourself.  A makeup artist is not there to experiment and try out the latest trends on you (only if you want to though!)  We’re here to give a guiding hand to create something that is uniquely you, yet translates well to all mediums.

3. Ok, yes we use a lot more products than you’re used to.  There are eye primers, facial primers, an array of eyeshadows, setting sprays, vitamin sprays the list is endless.  But we only use what we need to, to achieve that flawless base or that gorgeous smokey eye – the key is thin build-able layers that just looks seamless in it’s execution.  Basically, don’t panic when I open the makeup kit!

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How to get model great skin for your wedding day

I know what you’re thinking… oh not another self help guide!  I personally hate self help guides – especially the diet ones as I’m sorry but two cakes in each hand is a balanced diet!!  So you may question why I am even writing this piece – but if I could physically show you the difference between a bride who has invested in her skin compared to another bride who has not you’d be amazed that the difference.  It’s not just the way the make sits on the skin it is also the confidence it brings from having great skin even when bare.

I have often spoken about the need for taking a little bit of time to really get your skin in tip top condition before your wedding day and to not solely rely on your makeup artist to provide cover ups.  It’s a bit like having good fitting underwear under a silky dress.  You wouldn’t want ill fitting undies!

So here are my top tips for amazing model-like skin:

1. Drink!  There’s a reason why water is considered a life force in many cultures – it helps to plump the skin and hydrate every cell in the body.  Drink this tonic to also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and the size of pores.  I have never been to a photoshoot where the model does not have a large bottle of Evian!

2. Supplements.  The earlier you can start taking skin supplements before your wedding day the better to get the full benefit.  As always check with your local GP before using.  The best I have found (and recommended by models) is Imedeen Derma One

3. Have a good quality regular facial – but not too close to the wedding day.  Facials are designed to bring all those pesky toxins to the surface along with simulating the circulation.  They are fab to have on the run up to the wedding to get rid of engrained dirt, spots and blackheads but don’t have any in the final two weeks to prevent last minute breakouts.

4. Stay out of the sun.  Very rarely will any of my model friends go into direct sunlight for an extended period of time and only unless they have to for a shoot, or have factor 50 all over their body and I mean ALL over their body!  Having a tan may look amazing now, but trust me it won’t in 10-20 years time when the skin is crusty and has age spots accelerated by the sun’s damage!

5. Diet and exercise.  It kind of goes without saying but diet and exercise is the game changer for many models.  My model friends eat pure and exercise everyday – fruit and vegetables along with white meat seem to be the stable and is very good for the skin.  Swimming and weights is also a favourite as it’s less intensive and focuses on non-impact training and lengthening the muscles.

So go on give it a try and see if you can get model skin for your wedding x

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