Perfect bridal pink lipstick shades…

For a classic bridal makeup look there’s nothing more chic than a nude, pink lipstick shade.  But, like skin tones, nude lipsticks come in a myriad of beautiful shades.  Whether you like a ‘true’ nude in a beige colour or a subtle pink or orange hue to enhance the natural colour of your lips, one of my top 5 nude lipsticks will be perfect for your wedding day.  For those who are die-hard matte lipstick addicts, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is your NBF, but if you’re a satin-finish girl (and even like a bit of shimmer) you need a Nars Satin Lipstick in your make up bag! x

1. Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk

2. Mac’s Amorous

3. Nar’s Cruising

4. Chanel’s 54 Boy

5. Mac’s Modesty

‘Trinny London’ makeup range by Trinny Woodall

Their story…

Trinny Woodall – ‘For the last 20 years I have worked with women all over the world.  I help them find the most flattering styles, the best skincare, and the most hard-working, perfectly matched, foolproof makeup ❤ As I travelled the globe, I improvised my own personalised makeup kit.  In a quest for the perfect tone and consistency I would mix a stick foundation with a liquid, blend a lip tint with a gloss… I mushed up colours and decanted them into little pots. And then I thought, “there has to be a better way”. The big idea was born: a portable, versatile range of makeup, with colours to suit every woman. ❤ After 3 years of experimenting, planning, developing formulas, and state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint which makeup truly suits you, welcome to the ultimate easy, modern, do-it-everywhere, premium makeup brand: TRINNY LONDON.’

Trinny London are all about portable makeup.  Whilst this is nothing new in the industry, I think the way they have marketed themselves and really pushed for all their products to be portable is refreshing.  They have considered what will give the maximum amount of colour, with the minimal amount of effort and take up only a small amount of space in a standard sized handbag?  I love the idea of this – not only is it better for the environment (as the pots are reusable) but also requires little skill in application, which is just perfect for everyday use.

My personal favourites are the pot blusher in ‘Fresh Flush Katja‘ and concealer ‘Miracle Blur



Repost // Why everyone is going gaga over Dior…

Since the news broke that makeup artist Daniel Martin was the master-mind behind Meghan’s bridal look – everyone (including myself) have been speculating which products he must have used for the design.  Dior Brand Ambassador & Honest Creative Colour Consultant – Daniel is rumoured to have mainly used Dior’s newest collection of products called ‘Backstage’.  For the lip shade Daniel is said to have used a combination of Dior Addict Lip Glow in 004 Coral and Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 Pink, as he wanted to make sure the lips were super moisturised and just had the most subtlest hint of colour.  This was truly the best option to go for considering how dazzling bright and hot that May day was!

So it stands to reason that everyone is adding Dior to their makeup shopping baskets, and in particular… Dior Addict Lip Glow.  It’s a must have if you want that subtle shade that mimics natural lip tones, along with providing a balm to the lips.  It’s just that perfect, fresh and modern lipstick that every girl should have in their handbag and that is why I actively encourage all my bridal clients to seek out Dior x

My personal faves: Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 Pink, Dior Addict Lip Glow 010 Holo PinkDior Addict Lip Glow in 004 Coral and Dior Addict Lip Glow 007 Raspberry


Product Spotlight – Urban Decay Vitamin b6 spray

I came across this prep spray around 6 years ago and since then I’ve used it on myself and for my clients.  It’s simply magically in how it refreshes the skin and perps it up before makeup application.  I wouldn’t be without it.  Unlike most setting sprays I have come across, this formula is uniquely light and visibly reduces redness – which is just perfect for brides who may have struggled to sleep the night before, or are suffering a little with their skin.  Preparation of the skin can often be ignored, but for a true high quality finish to any makeup application preparation is key.

What’s also wonderful about this product is that you can use it throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up, as it will not damage your makeup application in anyway.  What I tend to do is use this to begin and then finish with Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray, which has a life span of 15 hours… just spot on for brides! x

Urban Decay Vitamin b6 spray

Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection

For a few months now I sort of drifted away from MAC – I don’t know whether this was due to boredom, or that I just wanted to try other niche brands on the market.  This all changed when the new Nutcracker Sweet Collection came out and suddenly this burst of colour drew me back.  Instantly attracted to the very vibrant hues in the collection, I knew I had to add these to the pro kit – not least because I have a shoot coming up next year which will work perfectly with these.  So the colours below shown are eyeshadows in Rabblerouser and Dance Flowers Dance – the lipstick is in Kingdom of Sweets.

The eyeshadows seem to be highly pigmented with a slight sheen of glitter dust.  The lipstick is a cremesheen so should give a matte appearance without being too drying.  I can’t wait to try them out! x

product spotlight – Chanel Coco Shine in 54 Boy

I love it when a bride finds a real product hero that they can’t live without.  And Chanel Coco Shine in 54 Boy is one of those gems.  This utterly beautiful lipstick by Chanel was recommended to me by one of my brides who wanted to use it for her final wedding look.  And I can understand why.  It’s that perfect combination between pink & a subtle soft brown with a very ‘grown up’ shine that catches the light beautifully.  All the Rouge Coco formulas also have an added bonus of having a built in lip plumper and hydration complex, making it easy to wear anytime of the day.

I would highly recommend using this particular shade if you’re trying to tie in your makeup look and can’t quite find that right hue that goes with everything.  Or for those that want to use a lipstick for their wedding day, but are not used to the feel of a matte finish x

Buy Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy


Product spotlight…NARS – that saucy French brand…

I always have a little giggle whenever I’m at a wedding showcase and couples have a look through my pro kit, suddenly coming across my Nars products to see their faces when reading the provocative names on the back!  Nars are definitely not shy when it comes to naming their iconic shades, with titles such as “Orgasm,” “Deep Throat,” “Striptease,” and “Sex Machine.”

So it’s of no surprise that the brand is of course French.  With François Nars being the founder of this beautifully saucy art house.  François is actually one of my personal influences as a Makeup Artist as not only is he highly skilled, but he took his frustration of there not being the right products for him on the market to creating a global makeup brand for all Makeup Artists to use.  Today Nars remains as the artistic director, in-house photographer, and copywriter for his brand.


Bobbi Brown – Sterling Nights eyeshadow palette, limited edition…

When I was recently researching new products to add to my professional kit (a very definite perk to my job) I came across this gorgeous eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown, now unfortunately discontinued due to it be limited edition – I was immediately drawn to the dusky pink and wonderful array of browns, mauves and taupe colours which were just perfect for a cover shoot I had coming up and the design I had planned.  Normally always using MAC eyeshadow for their longevity and performance qualities, I thought I’d give Bobbi a second go and see if it would withstand the pressure of a shoot.  It did very well under the heat and long photoshoot hours and still looked so pretty.

The reason I love this palette is there are just endless combinations you can try, and the palette itself is nice and compact with quite a durable outer package – which believe is quite rare in the industry!  Overall I highly rate this product – I just wish it is was available all the time x


Why I strive to make the whole ‘bridal experience’ stress free…

Booking a wedding is a stressful event.  Believe me I know – I’ve done it.  So right from when you send me that tentative email to enquire about availability, I am continually aiming to make your experience from booking to the eventful day a stress free zone.  As the way I see it you have enough on your plate right now without having to worrying about wedding suppliers.

One of the ways in which I am fighting the war against this little nasty emotion is by giving you all the facts straight up (and without waiting days for an answer, which often drives me crazy!)  So I tell you exactly the score if I am available or not, if you need to pay a deposit to secure your wedding date – particularly if it’s a popular one.  When to book a makeup trial and where to have it, either with me here in lymington or at your home address – which is often a good idea if it’s where you are getting ready on the day of the wedding.  Reducing the back and forth emails is just one of the ways to make that transaction a whole lot easier.

I also always keep my promises.  If I say I will arrive at a particular time, then I will arrive at that time.  If after the makeup trial you want me to use a different lipstick shade or eye shadow, then I will as I fully believe and invest into your wedding day.  It’s just the little things that make that experience easy and comforting x

*NEW* bridal makeup video using Rosie for Autograph products

*NEW* video for you all to watch!

I wanted to create a typical Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup design using her new makeup range ‘Rosie for Autograph’, available from Marks & Spencer. So this video is really a sort of twist between a classic Rosie look and something can that easily be worn for a wedding as well.  Special thanks to friend and model muse Chloe Lancaster and to Anthony allowing us to film in his studio Lightbox studios. Also a huge thank you to small film maker Matthew Craig for filming and editing x

Hope you enjoy x