Product Spotlight – Urban Decay Vitamin b6 spray

I came across this prep spray around 6 years ago and since then I’ve used it on myself and for my clients.  It’s simply magically in how it refreshes the skin and perps it up before makeup application.  I wouldn’t be without it.  Unlike most setting sprays I have come across, this formula is uniquely light and visibly reduces redness – which is just perfect for brides who may have struggled to sleep the night before, or are suffering a little with their skin.  Preparation of the skin can often be ignored, but for a true high quality finish to any makeup application preparation is key.

What’s also wonderful about this product is that you can use it throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up, as it will not damage your makeup application in anyway.  What I tend to do is use this to begin and then finish with Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray, which has a life span of 15 hours… just spot on for brides! x

Urban Decay Vitamin b6 spray

Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray

Product Spotlight – Essie popular bridal nail polish colours…

This American brand of nail polishes has been popular even since it’s launch by Essie Weingarten in the 1980’s in Las Vegas, but it gained particular hype in 2011 when Kate Middleton used a combination of Essie Allure and Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge for her wedding nail colour.  A typical off-pink, barely there nail colour which Kate seems to favour.  Since then Essie has stepped up the wedding nail department, realising Essie Bridal Collections last year and for 2016, which contain variations of pink but also vibrant hues such as violet and even an off green.  And with kookie names like ‘Groom Service’ and ‘Mrs Always-Right’ Essie still maintains that tongue-in-cheek, which add to the popularity of the brand.

My personal favourites are Essie Mademoiselle and Essie Ballet Slippers (also a favourite of the Queen)  They are both wonderfully pitched and perfect for a bridal nail – never dating and always chic x


REPOST//Product spotlight – Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation…

If it’s possible to fall totally in love with a makeup product, then I have fallen truly and completely head over heels for this foundation.  Oh my word, where to begin!  I am always searching for the very best foundations for my brides, as it not only gives them a beautiful base and the coverage they want – but it also makes my life a lot easier and happier knowing my client is thrilled with their skin.  This foundation is just that – the very best.

Amazing at covering scars, spots and brilliant at levelling out skin tone.  The formula itself is exceptionally light, and feels like silk on the skin – easily build-able to any level of coverage from very light to medium/full.  The foundation comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with the YSL signature gold cap, finishing the elegant look that just screams luxury.

Possibly the world’s current best foundation x


Product spotlight – Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat

If it’s possible to fall totally in love with a makeup product, then I have fallen completely head of heels for this foundation!  Oh my word, where to begin!  I am always searching for the very best foundations for my clients, as it not only gives them a beautiful base and the coverage they want – but it also makes my life a lot easier and happier knowing my client is thrilled with their skin.  This foundation is just that – the very best!  Amazing at covering scars, spots and brilliant at evening skin tone.

The formula itself is exceptionally light, and feels like water on the skin – building to a light to medium coverage.  The foundation comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with the YSL signature gold cap, finishing the elegant look that just proclaims luxury.

Possibly the world’s best foundation…? x


Product spotlight: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement

Today’s product in the spotlight is Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement – which I recently purchased on a recommendation from Amy Conway, who is part of the inner circle at Bobbi Brown headquarters in America.  It’s a long story how we met!!  I was telling Amy that I wanted something more than a moisturiser, to really give my skin a boost – especially in winter – and she advised giving this little gem a go.  With a very stern warning of “only use a little bit each time!”  And she was definitely right!

Intensive skin supplement is a gentle, fragrance free serum with a nice array of anti irritants and anti oxidants.  It’s a little more intense than your everyday moisturiser, and therefore works hard to really give the skin a boost and to bring back that natural radiance.  I always recommend it to brides to use on the run up to the wedding, as it’s simply stunning how it transforms the skin.  I usually use the smallest of amounts in the evening before bed, as I like it to work overnight as a personal preference – but you can use it morning and night as part of your routine.


Product spotlight…Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em And Leave ‘Em

My wonderful best friend Polly gave me this for Christmas, knowing I am a sucker for anything smelly and by Soap & Glory!  And I have to say she made a great choice with this one – deliciously scented and wonderful to use.  It’s so lovely and soft, not too harsh and leaves skin with the desired softness that comes with a soap scrub.  I have found that you only need the smallest amount of product, as a littles does truly go a long way.  And you are still left with that moisturizing, clean feeling with a gorgeous smell that follows you all day, but that is not overpowering.

If you do not like a fruity scent that lingers on the skin, then this scrub may not be for you.  There are many body scrub products out there that have no smell – however, this one is definitely worth a quick sniff x


Product spotlight…Nars, that saucy French brand…

I always have a little giggle whenever I’m at a wedding showcase and couples have a look through my pro kit, suddenly coming across my Nars products to see their faces when reading the provocative names on the back!  Nars are definitely not shy when it comes to naming their iconic shades, with titles such as “Orgasm,” “Deep Throat,” “Striptease,” and “Sex Machine.” NARS “Orgasm” blush is one of the company’s best-selling products, and it’s easy to see why with it’s gorgeous highly pigmented colour.  It does get me every-time though when the mother of the bride has a look as well and I hear an “Oh my!”

So it’s of no surprise that the brand is of course French.  With François Nars being the founder of this beautifully saucy art house.  François is actually one of my personal influences as a Makeup Artist as not only is he highly skilled, but he took his frustration of there not being the right products for him on the market to creating a global makeup brand for all Makeup Artists to use.  Today Nars remains as the artistic director, in-house photographer, and copywriter for his brand.


Product spotlight on Dr Brandt Pores No Mores primer…

I am totally in love with this product.  The primer by Dr Brandt is the one of my all time favourites, and it’s one of those items that I always make sure is stocked up not only for myself but also for use on my brides.  It’s utterly beautiful in it’s texture, smell and most importantly in its job!  Pores No More is primarily a facial primer for use before foundation or concealer, and can just be used by itself (which is what I often do) as it has a very light, complimentary tint.  The formula is designed to shrink & disguise pores – particularly around the nose, cheeks and forehead area and helps to absorb excess oil which is just perfect for my brides.  It’s also a bit of a wonder cream as it works to blur fine lines and creates a smoother looking, more perfected layer to the skin.  I also find it extends the wear of the makeup and helps it to keep shine-free for those all important photographs.

I simply love this product and would highly, highly recommend it to any skin type!! x


Product spotlight – Chanel lipstick in Rouge Coco Shine 54 Boy

I love it when a bride or fellow Artist finds a real product hero, and this lipstick is one of those gems that once you have it you’ll still remember it, or even be using it in years to come.  This utterly beautiful lipstick by Chanel was recommended by one of my brides, who wanted to use it for her final wedding look, and I can understand why.  It’s that perfect combination between pink & a subtle brown with a very ‘grown up’ shine that catches the light wonderfully – all the Rouge Coco formulas also have an added bonus of having a built in lip plumper and hydration complex, making it easy to wear anytime.

I would highly recommend using this particular shade if your trying to tie in your makeup look and can’t quite find that right hue that goes with everything, or for those that want to use a lipstick but are not used to the matte finish – yet want something that has a ‘WOW’ factor x

Buy Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy

IMG_6380 IMG_5597

Product spotlight – Clinique Redness Solutions makeup SPF 15

Anyone who suffers from rosacea, acne or severe blushing knows how difficult it is to successfully cover this.  It seems as soon as you put on a product, either the oil from the skin or the heat from it destroys all your hard work.  But there is a product on the market that not only covers, but also strengthens the skin’s natural defence barrier.

I simply love all the Clinique Redness Solutions line, especially this little item, the Redness Solutions makeup camouflages the affected area, colour-correcting as it glides on.  I use this on my clients, just in the area they need it most like cheeks, nose and chin – as with this product a little goes a long way.  I also like to stick it in the fridge to keep it nice and fresh.  I find that doing this also helps calm down the blushing, working with me to cover and cool at the same time.

Tips for covering rosacea

* Avoid liquid foundations with a high alcohol content if you have rosacea & also anything too oily

* Always use products with an SPF, as the sun can trigger a lot of the redness

* Use yellow based foundation to even out skin tone and calm down the blush

* Try to avoid using your fingers to blend anything in, as this can aggravate the area

This product has to be a makeup wardrobe staple x