REPOST//Tips for growing beautiful, healthy nails for your wedding

I have a confession to make.  I am a former nail biter!  I’m not going to lie it took a lot of patience and time to kick this lifetime habit.  And it all started with starting to plan my wedding and wanting to make sure my nails (which were in a sorry mess at the time) were not going to let me down.  Especially as my good friend and wedding photographer Mia mentioned that she would be taking a few ‘wedding ring’ shots, which immediately spurred me into action!  Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of relapses on the lead up to the wedding, as no wedding is completely stress free!  I learnt a lot of things along the way that helped me kick this naughty habit and now I’m going to share them with you x

Let’s get started!

1. Buy the wedding nail polish you want to wear and get excited about putting on that first coat of polish!  Often if you can visualise what your nails are going to be like by the end of your journey, then it makes it all the easier to make a good start.

2. Often our hair and nails need a little help in getting the right vitamins to them, so try adding a supplement to your daily routine.  I personally love Imedeen Derma One teamed with Imedeen Hair & Nails so my skin and nails get a kick start.  Also Perfectil is a wonder and slightly cheaper, but still as good.  Always check with your local GP before taking any supplements.

3. Get off to a good start by having a professional manicure to improve the cuticles and shape of the nails (be that with tiny nails for now!)  This will ensure good habits and make you want to keep up the good work.

4. Avoid the temptation to have false nails applied for your wedding.  I honestly don’t know why these have not been banned yet!  False nails are incredibly bad for your own nail bed – cutting off the air supply to your nails can make them brittle, yellow and left with unsightly ridges.  All those chemicals are not good for the nails, or your lungs!  There’s a reason why they all wear masks in nail salons…

5. Regularly paint your nails in expensive nail polish, or top coat it in special nail biter polish which tastes awful!  Why expensive nail polish?  Well, knowing how much it cost often made me not want to bite it off at all (I definitely wanted to get my monies worth!)

As featured on Bride & Tonic…

I am very excited to announce that our ‘Natural Ballerina’ styled shoot is currently being featured on wedding blog Bride & Tonic.  We had a very lovely, relaxed time on location with this shoot and so many wonderful suppliers were involved.

See the full shoot images here x

Photography  / Jessica Davies Photography  |  Venue  /  Penton Park  |  Model  /  Teddie Hargrave

Make Up  /  Frances Moore MUA  |  Flowers  /  Lily Lupin Floral Design |  Cake  /  Sparkle Bakes

Dress Boutique  /  Exquisite Bridal Couture – Winchester  |  Stationery  / Peony & Rose Wedding Stationary

Accessories  /  Victoria Fergusson Accessories  |  Velvet Ring Box  /  La Petite Box

Exciting News!

‘The Natural Ballerina’ full photoshoot will shortly feature on the most gorgeous wedding blog – more details to follow soon! x

The Team // Jessica Davies Photography * Frances Moore MUA * Victoria Fergusson Accessories * Exquisite Bridal Couture * Penton Park * Lily Lupin Floral Design * Sparkle Bakes * Peony and Rose Wedding Stationary * La Petite Box

Coming Soon… The Natural Ballerina Styled Shoot

The Team // Jessica Davies Photography * Frances Moore MUA * Victoria Fergusson Accessories * Exquisite Bridal Couture * Penton Park * Lily Lupin Floral Design * Sparkle Bakes * Peony and Rose Wedding Stationary * La Petite Box

Why everyone is going gaga over Dior…

Since the news broke that makeup artist Daniel Martin was the master-mind behind Meghan’s bridal look – everyone (including myself) have been speculating which products he must have used for the design.  Dior Brand Ambassador & Honest Creative Colour Consultant – Daniel is rumoured to have mainly used Dior’s newest collection of products called ‘Backstage’.  For the lip shade Daniel is said to have used a combination of Dior Addict Lip Glow in 004 Coral and Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 Pink, as he wanted to make sure the lips were super moisturised and just had the most subtlest hint of colour.  This was truly the best option to go for considering how dazzling bright and hot that May day was!

So it stands to reason that everyone is adding Dior to their makeup shopping baskets, and in particular… Dior Addict Lip Glow.  It’s a must have if you want that subtle shade that mimics natural lip tones, along with providing a balm to the lips.  It’s just that perfect, fresh and modern lipstick that every girl should have in their handbag and that is why I actively encourage all my bridal clients to seek out Dior x

My personal faves: Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 Pink, Dior Addict Lip Glow 010 Holo PinkDior Addict Lip Glow in 004 Coral and Dior Addict Lip Glow 007 Raspberry



Sarah and her wedding at Penton Park

Today is Sarah’s wedding at very pretty wedding venue Penton Park.  I arrived this morning to a very chilled out bride, just hanging out in her gorgeous bridal suite.  Sarah doesn’t generally wear makeup day-to-day so she was a little nervous at her makeup trial, but after reassuring her and talking through bit by bit the look and how it all fits together in the end she was blissfully calm this morning.  As Sarah feels more comfortable in bear skin I kept her bridal design quite low key yet beautifully blended.

Giving Sarah a very pretty, subtle pink and peach toned eye – I then created more depth by adding deeper black tones along the lid which also served to disguise the false eyelash band.  Keeping the brows neatly soft and filled in I then moved onto creating a flawless base for Sarah, adding a dash of blusher and some shimmer to the cheeks/nose and forehead.  Sarah wanted a really light pink lipstick so I used MAC’s lipstick in Politely Pink x

Heloise and her very New Forest wedding

When Heloise sent me a quick message to ask if I was free to do her bridal makeup the name looked very familiar.  In fact I just done her sister’s wedding not long before, so I was utterly delighted to be returning back to this wonderful family in the New Forest to do little sister Heloise’s wedding!

Heloise’s makeup brief was the stuff of dreams – ‘pink, girlie and bold’ which are of course my most favourite words in the English dictionary!  I was more than happy to oblige and provide Heloise with those striking eyes she was after for her wedding day.  I built the pink smokey eye up gently using Urban Decay’s naked 3 palette – focusing on blending well and making sure there were no harsh lines.  I then lined the eyes using a brown/black kohl and popped on a couple of medium set false eyelashes.  I then filled Heloise’s brows in naturally and created a flawless base with foundation.  Next I applied a peach/rose tinted blusher and highlighted x

Photography – Lemontree Photography

Anna and her very ‘pretty in pink’ wedding makeup

Today is the lovely Anna’s wedding and what fab weather we have for it after that face melting heat over the weekend!  Just a gentle breeze and a nice clear sky – perfection.  Anna and her bridal party were all getting ready at the B&B Old House in Wickham, Hampshire after then journeying to her wedding venue of Skylark Golf Course.

Anna wanted her makeup to all be about the eyes.  A softness that draws you to her beautifully blue irises – so it had to be pink!  I created a very soft, pink smokey eye which I then blended a brown/black eyeliner into it to make sure there were no harsh edges.  I then created a smooth base with a bespoke foundation for Anna and finished her look with a brown/pink blusher and bronzer combo with a dash of MAC’S lipstick in Love Lorn x

‘Luxe Botanical’ styled shoot, shot at Highcliffe Castle

Late last year I had the idea I wanted to do a luxe, botanical styled shoot – seeing this becoming a sure fire trend for 2017’s wedding season.  What resulted was above my expectations.  We had the most wonderful team, who put up with a very cold room in early January whilst we were shooting!  When thinking about a location for the shoot, what sprang instantly to mind was Highcliffe Castle.  I felt that Highcliffe (in particular the adeptly named Winter Garden Room) was a perfect choice for the styled shoot theme.  The large, long glass panels remind me of Kew Gardens – which fits in with the botanical style nicely.

We had beautiful gowns and shoes brought to us by Hannah, of Hannah Elizabeth Bridal Boutique, and custom made accessories by White Designs Bespoke Bridal Adornments.  The very green floral arrangements were by cutie Sophie Anderson of Flowers, With Wild Abandon (who we sent out to ‘kindly ask’ a gentleman to not stand by the windows – it was very funny!)  The epic stationary was by Peony and Rose, my go-to lady for all my stationary needs now.  And the banquet table decorations were by Tammy of Fundoo Weddings.  The exquisite cakes were by Hayley of Sweetcheeks Bakehouse.  The two hair designs were by Michelle Crosser of Bridal Hair in Hampshire, and the model was good friend Sophie Waldron of Bridge Models.  All of this was beautifully captured by Sam of New Forest Studio – who is possibly one of my most favourite wedding photographers.

And makeup by me!

Hope you enjoy x

Hannah and her stunning wedding at Botleys Mansion…

Today is Hannah’s wedding at Botleys Mansion, one of my all time favourite wedding venues.  I’m actually one of a few lucky suppliers who are Botleys Mansion (Bijou Weddings) personally selected and recommended wedding suppliers, so it’s always a pleasure to be at one of their venues. And what a lovely day for a wedding – a stark contrast from yesterday which was tipping it down.  And what a pleasure being able to do the makeup for this beauty!  Hannah wanted a pretty pink, classic bridal makeup look with just a touch of a deeper dark colour on the corners of the eye, which is very flattering and timeless.  I finished Hannah’s look creating a flawless, dewy base and used Hannah’s own lipstick which she LOVES so it seemed stupid not to use it.  I also filled in Hannah brows to give a natural finish, excuse the below photo though which makes the left appear darker.  There was someone stood in the window creating a shadow when I took the picture! x