Covid 19 update…

Hello to my beautiful clients!⠀⠀⠀

I just wanted to reassure you that as far as Frances Moore HMUA is concerned it is business as usual! Of course, more strict procedures are in place when visiting the studio (which has had a deep clean, as well as regular top ups between clients) and when I’m out & about meeting you at your lovely homes and venues.

Saying that I know a lot of you are looking into postponing your precious day if commencing in the immediate weeks.
I will do everything in my power to accommodate changes to dates, so please do get in touch as soon as possible to make any amendments.

I’m sure none of you need reminding, but please if you are feeling unwell before any appointment let me know and I will rearrange your trial date – you do not need to cancel altogether! And keep washing those hands, but maybe not just in glitter!! ✨

Image Sara Shakeel

On trend this season…freckles

A HUGE trend this season is…freckles.  Whether natural or faux, having freckles this Autumn season is big news – with leading chains like TopShop jumping ahead (again) and producing freckle pencils (yes, really!)  Gaining freckles has never been easier.  And with celebrities like Kylie Jenner endorsing this new craze, the trend seems to picking up a pace.  It’s thought that the ‘freckle face’ came about as a sort of anti-contour campaign, with the young-looking flecks offsetting a more heavy contour look.  While you can easily apply freckles using an eyeliner or brown pen, there are companies like Freck Yourself an L.A based company that’s created a 72 piece stencil kit for natural looking flecks!  I’m personally loving this new trend, as quite often I’m asked to cover freckles on clients – but they should be embraced and celebrated not hidden.  To do so is such a shame, and can make the complexion looking unnaturally hazy and heavy.  We always seem to look down upon our looks and not see the natural beauty behind it x


What is in a name…MAC cosmetics name & brief history

The first thing I get asked by my clients when I pull out a MAC item from my kit, is what does M.A.C actually stands for?  And it literally just means make-up cosmetics.

You might be interested to know that MAC actually has it’s origins in Toronto, but you’d be forgiven by thinking that it came from somewhere like New York.  Makeup artist & photographer Frank Toskan teemed up with beauty salon owner Frank Angleo to make a product line with a difference.  Frustrated by the lack of colours that would work well with photography, they developed a studio line that would fulfil their professional needs.  and thus MAC was born.  Made from their kitchen, they sold the products out of Angleo’s salon and soon word spread of this new genius makeup line.

Package-wise, it stood out too: it was chic utility. Everything came in black pots rather than compacts. One of the most popular new offerings was an intense matte red lipstick that was used on a photo shoot with a New York cabaret star named Madonna, later photographed wearing a M·A·C T-shirt, the revolution was on. While other major makeup brands were predominantly skincare companies, M·A·C chose instead to establish itself as the ultimate colour authority.

Which it still is today x


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Marks and Spencer new makeup line…

Rosie has been working with legendary store Marks and Spencer’s for a while now, helping the company to develop modern classics with her personally designed lingerie section, and now turning her hand to making a new makeup range – with evident touches of keeping those high standards.  Rosie has often admitted that her real passion is makeup, with her modelling career often allowing her to sit in the makeup chair and constantly be ‘made up’ she is now jumping out and putting all those years of research into developing a brand that is easily accessible to women and affordable.

With the launch of Rosie’s new makeup line she cleverly teamed up with Lisa Eldridge to produce a short video on how to achieve a ‘Rosie’ look using some of the products in her line up.  Watch the video below to gain some Rosie inspiration…

Buy the range here