How to get Meghan’s flawless skin…

Meghan stunned us all on Saturday, not just with her beautifully elegant Givenchy gown, but with her simple barely there ‘no makeup, makeup look’.  Whilst this worked so perfectly for her and her utterly flawless skin, I would only recommend doing this if the skin is in tip top condition.  So here are my tips for getting a Meghan Markle complexion x

1.  Preparation, time and hard-work is key to getting clear skin that is naturally radiant.  The first thing you will need to practise daily is a facial workout.  Like our bodies, where we exercise to stay strong and slender, so does our face need a little workout now and again.  Meghan famously loves a good facial workout – favouring this method as opposed to surgery.  Search your local Saks salon for this treatment and many others favoured by Meghan.

2.  Get rid of the dry skin… pronto!  Meghan is a prime example of what the right kind of moisturiser can do for your skin.  Moisturising is a product that must not be skipped.  Ever!  Moisturising literally wakes up the complexion, plumps and boosts circulation.  Ditto for the eyes – use a balm or cream to lift the eyes and improve dark circles.  Try Dior Hydra Life Hydration Rescue Intense Sorbet Creme and No7 Early Defence Eye Cream.  And get as much sleep as you possibly can!

3.  Meghan is unique in the fact that her skin requires no colour correction and has a smooth surface area with no unsightly texture.  She is very naturally blessed – although like many actresses Meghan understands that what you put in your body has a direct connection to your skin.  So it’s no surprising she eats healthy for her body and skin, coupled with drinking plenty of fresh water.  Drinking water helps to plump the skin smoothing out lines and wrinkles, it also combats uneven skin tones with patches of redness.  This, used with the moisturising, will help to give you that even complexion.  It is also important to exfoliate once a month to help the skin’s renewal process and remove any dead skin cells.  Try Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

4.  You can tell that Meghan has been very good in the past with not picking her spots as she has no marks or scars.  Or if she had any, she has quite wisely had these professionally treated.  If you do suffer from breakouts it’s important to treat these either with a cortisone gel or red-ness reducing eye drops.  If you have suffered from spots in the past and are left with some scars think about booking yourself into your local Sk:n clinic to see about a re-surfacing treatment.

5.  Meghan’s teeth have that Hollywood effect of being perfectly straight and whiter than white.  If you think your teeth are looking a little sub-par, it is always best to consult your dentist to discuss options of professional teeth whitening and corrective adult braces.  Be prepared though… it can be a little pricey! x

Hayley and her glam wedding at The Elvetham Hotel

Yesterday was Hayley’s wedding and what a beautifully sunny day it turned out to be!  Hayley and her beau were preparing to get hitched at one of my favourite wedding venues The Elvetham Hotel – where I seem to be living at the moment!!  Hayley was sooo excited and such a happy bride that I had a job to pin her to the makeup chair, but I think she was actually happy for a bit of calm after organising everything first thing!

Hayley wanted her bridal makeup to be classic, timeless and flawless.  Opting for an expertly blended pink and peach toned eye – Hayley wanted to add a daring bold statement lip using MAC’s lipstick in Ruby Woo for a bit of Hollywood glamour.  Keeping her whole look generally soft and blended meant that the bold lip could be added without overpowering the look.  Hayley also wanted her bridesmaids design to be kept soft and light using mauves and shimmer through the eye with a pink lip in Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk x

Eylure – a history of…

68 years of Eylure

Eylure was created by makeup artist brothers’ David and Eric Aylott in 1947.  They first began making the lashes along with wigs, beards and moustaches for the film industry for famous directors.  Their false eyelashes were very popular with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the day including Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Collins and Sophia Loren – who loved the way the lashes created that instant effect on camera, far better than any other makeup product.  Little did they know at that point that they were on the verge of perfecting the biggest news in beauty enhancement since the discovery of the lipstick! Word spread quickly throughout the film industry and their eyelashes were in high demand, so in 1948 they decided to make their famous lashes available from retail shops.

By the 1960s Eylure had become established as a must-have item when the emphasis for false lashes changed from film to regular, everyday wear – becoming a beauty essential. Since then Eylure has continued to rise in popularity and is now firmly established as a household favourite.

Tips for applying lashes

  • Firstly cut the false lashes to the size of your own lashes – I usually snip from the inside lash as those are the shorter but if I’m not in the mood for big lash flicks then I snip from the outside
  • Next, ensure the lashes are curved so they fit along your lash line better – sometimes they are too straight so I usually wrap the lash around my little finger and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Thirdly, apply the glue to the lash. Leave for 2-3 minutes then reapply another layer of glue.
  • Whilst your waiting for the glue to get sticky, prep your own lashes. Applying false eyelashes works best when you’ve already got a little mascara on your eyelashes.
  • By now 5 minutes will have passed, the perfect amount of time for your double layered lashes to be applied!
  • Everybody has different techniques for getting them on your lashes – personally I recommend using the other end of a pair of tweezers to press the corners down.