REPOST// The big questions – No. 5: Will I look overdone and not like myself?

A very common worry among brides (when considering to hire a makeup artist) is that they will not look like themselves, or that they will be too heavily made up.  There isn’t a bride alive who doesn’t want that pleasant in-take of breath when she enters the room, and see’s her guests and partner for the first time.  You want to be breathtaking for all the right reasons, and any makeup artist worth her salt will always strive to help create that moment for you.  Here are a few myth busters to help you make your choice.

1. One of the most common fears surrounding hiring a makeup artist, is that you will be made to look too heavily ‘made up’ and covered in foundation.  Believe me, no one wants that!  True, we will use slightly more products than than your usual everyday look, but that is only because the makeup design has to work well for meeting guests, different lighting effects, professional photographs and lasting the distance on what is a joyful – but long day.

2. At the makeup trial you will be asked what is usual for you in terms of your everyday look, and what products you like to use.  That way we can design something that is very typically you, yet slightly tweaked to be the very best version of yourself.  A makeup artist is not there to experiment and try out the latest trends on you (only if you want to though!)  We’re here to give a guiding hand to create something that is uniquely you, yet translates well to all mediums.

3. Ok, yes we use a lot more products than you’re used to.  There are eye primers, facial primers, an array of eyeshadows, setting sprays, vitamin sprays the list is endless.  But we only use what we need to, to achieve that flawless base or that gorgeous smokey eye – the key is thin build-able layers that just looks seamless in it’s execution.  Basically, don’t panic when I open the makeup kit!

Lauren & Shaun…a summer wedding like no other in Fleet, Hampshire

One day I was contacted in the middle of the night by bride Lauren from all the way from Dubai, who is originally from Fleet in Hampshire.  Lauren and her now husband Shaun, had decided to have a small vintage tea party style wedding back home in Fleet with just close family, so I was very flattered to be asked to be involved in this very intimate wedding.  Lauren was flying in with just a short amount of time so we quickly had a bridal makeup trial on the Monday and the wedding was the Tuesday!

After talking to Lauren, we decided upon a light pink/ half smokey eye with a nice clean lined upper lid and false eyelashes from Eylure in Sexy Senorita.  We weren’t helped by the fact Tuesday was the hottest day of the year, meaning we were all incredibly hot!  So making sure the makeup lasted and wasn’t too heavy was a must.

I loved doing Lauren’s bridal makeup and can’t wait to do her makeup in December when she fly’s in again x

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