How I ensure a successful hair & makeup trial…

After having a quick chat over a nice cup of tea – I like to really get to know my client’s personal style to be able to conduct a successful hair, and or makeup trial.  Asking a client to show me any images of looks that have caught their eye, or by showing me a picture of their wedding gown and general look for flowers, really helps to gauge what I think they like and are drawn to.  Are they a classic soft feminine bride or a wild bohemian trailblazer?  Do they love the feel of a full face of makeup, or are they a minimal makeup kinda gal?

We’ve had a bullet-point sess and seen plenty of images.  What’s next?  Well, I firstly like to discuss what I think will suit the vibe of the day, realistic expectations (no one really likes this bit!)  And what colours and products I will use to achieve that look.  If the client is happy with all of this then I will begin.

After I have finished creating the design – I always get the client to have a good thorough look in the mirror, firstly in part-shade and then I allow my client to freely move around and see the makeup in a different light.  This is especially important if the wedding is going to be an outdoor ceremony, as often this will be in very contrasting lights.

As the trial is an open forum which I fully encourage, I get the client to tell me what they do and don’t like about the hair, and or makeup design.  This is SO important as often I won’t get it fully right the first time.  Something which is quite surprising to clients and which I feel isn’t fully discussed openly enough by professionals.  Sometimes I get it terrible wrong on the first attempt!  This can happen when a client has got a particular image in mind of exactly what they want, but reality versus the internet is often hard to swallow.  Also, whilst a client has been looking at different images and kind of knows what they want – the trial is the first time we would have met and so I need to get into your head and pluck out your hidden ideas.  Bear with me though as I will get it right next time!

But how do I do this if a second trial isn’t an option?  Well I rely on good old fashion notes!  By noting down how the client’s skin reacts to makeup application and what suits them best, along with the different products I have used provides a clear client history.  And after the client has advised of preferences, or changes to the design it all goes into the note book for next time.

So don’t panic if your first trial hasn’t gone to plan!  Trust me, next time it will be bang on groovy x



REPOST // The big questions – No. 4: What exactly happens at a bridal makeup trial?

Today’s big question concerns the bridal makeup trial, and what exactly is involved.  Usually held approximately 6 weeks before your wedding day, the makeup trial is a chance to try out different styles that complement your wedding gown, colour scheme and theme.  They also serve as an opportunity for a makeup artist to analyse the condition of the skin, and advise on ways to make sure it’s in tip top condition before the big day.  But what exactly happens during the makeup trial?  Here is a brief outline of how I like to approach the trial.

1. Firstly, hello!  This is the first time we would have met after corresponding via email, facebook or over the phone.  I like to see how you’re getting on with the planning stage, and if there is any assistance I can provide or any supplier recommendations you need.

2. Ok, let’s get down to business.  For initial inspiration I like to see any images of your wedding gown, flowers or general colour themes.  That way I can start to piece together a look that will complement all of these elements and (most importantly) something that will suit you and your gorgeous features.

3. I will then talk through the general outline of a makeup design I think will work, and if you’re happy with everything I’ve said then we begin!  The makeup trial usually takes around an hour.  As I work I will be getting to know your skin and how it responds to certain products.  It is at this point I can quickly analyse the condition of the skin and provide advise on how to get the most out of your skincare regime.

4. After completing your initial look I will get you to have a look in my portable mirror (which you can then walk around the room with in different lights) to see if there is anything you want to add or change.  It is at this point I fully encourage my bridal clients to really voice their opinions, even if they hate it!  That way we can work together to build the perfect bespoke makeup design.  If there are only minor changes such as more blusher, or a little less foundation then it all goes down in my diary to remember for the big day.  Any major changes we correct together at the trial, so that you’re not worried about anything before the wedding.

How to wedding prep your hair like a Princess…

Kate Middleton has become most famous for her beautiful glossy, long thick hair with many a client asking for the ‘Middleton’ in hair salons up and down the country.  But how does she do it?  Well, here are a few secrets to achieving that very same healthy shine for your wedding day x

1. Start to deep condition the hair at least six months before the wedding.  Go for products that are meant for repair like Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask – these sorts of masks are brilliant at putting back moisture and life into your mane.  Use them at least once a week.

2.  Try to start putting together an idea of what you want for your wedding hair either by making a collage or Pinterest board.  Now, do you need to grow/colour or cut your hair to gain that style?  If you do then start making plans to be able to achieve the style you want.

3.  If your hair colour needs a little fine tuning then think about root touch-ups or subtle highlights around this time too.  That way the colour has time to develop and for it to feel like ‘you’.  Don’t book in a colour appointment too close to the wedding.  Instead, have your last colour about four weeks in advance.  And always think about going lighter not darker, as this will lift your features and compliment your gown.

4.  Start taking onboard more water, fruit and vegetables along with a daily hair supplement such as Hairburst Chewable Heart Hair Vitamins.  Not only will this help to plump the skin and reduce wrinkles, but will also encourage your hair to grow and become thicker.  Always consult your GP before taking any supplements.

5.  Book in for a hair trial.  Take the opportunity to experiment with different styles and remember to bring your wedding hair accessories including a veil if required.  once your happy with the style, take loads of pictures on your phone to remember the hairstyle and get excited!! x