Esther and her French garden inspired wedding

Yesterday I had the privilege of being involved in Esther’s french garden inspired wedding at her parents house near Ringwood. This is the first of Esther’s two weddings due to COVID, and I am lucky enough to be doing her makeup for both!

Esther wanted something pink, classic and pretty for her first look. For her second we are going for deeper tones and more of an autumn vibe. This one was all about the prettiness and keeping everything light and bright x

Natural Bridal Makeup

There is definitely something to be said when it comes to a natural bridal makeup design.  I often think to myself when the skin is looking this healthy and fab already, then why mess with it?  For my clients who prefer a very light touch of makeup – I like to focus on the eyes leaving the skin to speak for itself.  I also tend to concentrate on creating a soft dewy glow with a hint of blush, which gives that impression of a healthy glow from within without making it look false and easy to spot.  For lipstick shades I often keep very close to the natural shade of the lips – mainly using the lipstick to provide an even colour rather than cover what is already there.

I do love a natural look especially if the wedding theme compliments the style – like a garden party or forest wedding x