Best dry body brushes and scrubs


SOL DE JANEIRO Bum Bum Body Scrub

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub ‘N Mask

REN CLEAN SKINCARE Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

FRESH The Original Brown Sugar Body Polish

OSKIA Renaissance Body Scrub

OUAI HAIRCARE Scalp & Body Scrub

HERBIVORE Coco Rose Body Polish

GOOP G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub


DR. BARBARA STURM Body Brush Medium

Hydrea London Beech Wood Body Brush With Cactus Fibre Bristles

Hydrea London Classic Short Handled Body Brush with Natural Bristle (Medium Strength)

Drew Barrymore’s ‘Flower’ makeup range

Their story…

FLOWER Beauty was the brainchild and mission of Drew Barrymore and her straight forward, no-nonsense philosophy of empowerment: that women everywhere deserve the best quality, most efficacious products at an affordable price.  Growing up in the makeup artists chair, Drew has learned a thing or two about beauty.  Now as a mother, award-winning actress, entrepreneur, producer and best-selling author she wants to share her passion.

Drew’s gift to everyone, FLOWER empowers women by developing products that help you look and feel great in your Own skin, and to embrace your individual beauty with the support of inspired, luxurious products made with you in mind.

At FLOWER our passion is creating cosmetics and tools that not only make life easier and more fun, but look and feel amazing- from our prestige quality formulas, to packaging that’s designed for performance.’

Now FLOWER is making its way to Superdrug, with some products available on its website already.  The products are quite basic so perfect for everyday light use and at a very affordable price, as promised by their story and mission statement.  There are particularly good reviews for its Lift & Sculpt Contour Palette and Long Lasting Setting Spray.  Hopefully the full range will become available soon x

Bridesmaid makeup design – keeping it young and fresh

I love doing bridesmaids makeup – although I do have to say there is a tendency for bridesmaid’s to ask for a deeply smokey eye and big brows for their wedding look.  While I do love a big brow & smokey design this look will not suit every occasion, and in some circumstances, will clash dramatically with their outfits.  An alternative which I think works really well is a nice light brown eye – neatly lined with a pencil that has a slight sparkle to it.  This just subtly brings the eyes out, whilst not detracting from the bride’s own makeup design.  It seems to always work for younger bridesmaids, as it keeps their glowing youth whilst giving them a little something extra.

Something which I have as my own personal ethos as a makeup artist is I will NEVER cover freckles up.  There are 2 reasons for this.  1)  Your freckles are apart of you and should be celebrated like everything else about who you are.  To cover them should be a criminal offence as freckles are super cute!  2)  Covering up freckles using foundation can result in the skin looking over-done and the foundation looking milky over them, so I vow never to do it!

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Why I don’t subscribe to ‘business jargon’

When I decided to divert into the wedding industry, I wanted to make sure that my way of doing business was completely open, fresh and not filled with any kind of ‘business jargon’ which I absolutely can’t stand!  Everytime I see something like “Transform your face into something amazing” or “Be remembered on your wedding day” I just cringe…for one thing you’re the bride, and of course you’ll be remembered!  And also any good makeup artist will know that makeup is not there to transform you into someone unknown & different, so that no one recognises you!  What’s more we should be celebrating our individuality and beautiful nature.  I for one don’t feel comfortable with using that sort of nonsense and clients just see right through it –  if someone likes my work, then they’ll hire me without the need for me to throw random empty lines at them!

Ok…mini rant over x