Esther and her French garden inspired wedding

Yesterday I had the privilege of being involved in Esther’s french garden inspired wedding at her parents house near Ringwood. This is the first of Esther’s two weddings due to COVID, and I am lucky enough to be doing her makeup for both!

Esther wanted something pink, classic and pretty for her first look. For her second we are going for deeper tones and more of an autumn vibe. This one was all about the prettiness and keeping everything light and bright x

Product spotlight…NARS – that saucy French brand…

I always have a little giggle whenever I’m at a wedding showcase and couples have a look through my pro kit, suddenly coming across my Nars products to see their faces when reading the provocative names on the back!  Nars are definitely not shy when it comes to naming their iconic shades, with titles such as “Orgasm,” “Deep Throat,” “Striptease,” and “Sex Machine.”

So it’s of no surprise that the brand is of course French.  With François Nars being the founder of this beautifully saucy art house.  François is actually one of my personal influences as a Makeup Artist as not only is he highly skilled, but he took his frustration of there not being the right products for him on the market to creating a global makeup brand for all Makeup Artists to use.  Today Nars remains as the artistic director, in-house photographer, and copywriter for his brand.