REPOST//The big questions – No. 1: Should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding?

Yes, the big question… should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding?  It’s a question every bride puts to themselves – shortly followed by the follow up question… or can I get away with it myself?  Often I think the answer is in the ‘get away with’ part.  Do you really want your wedding makeup to be something you ‘get away with’?  If you’re at that stage of questioning, then here are my top 5 reasons for booking a professional make up artist for your wedding.

1. Your wedding day is not a day for ‘everyday’ makeup.  You’re going to be photographed all day – and not just by a professional wedding photographer.  Remember your friends and family are all equipped with cameras too.  Whether it’s for photographs using natural or flash photography or meeting your guests in sunshine or by candlelight, professionally applied makeup will translate well to all mediums.

2. Do you have a million different bridal looks on Pinterest and still can’t decide what to choose?  A makeup artist can translate these looks, picking out key elements that will compliment your wedding gown, hairstyle, theme and colour scheme.

3. Makeup artists know skin (!) and we can help identify the areas that may become an issue on the big day.  For example, that patch of dry skin or the potential breakout that you don’t know how to deal with?  We can quickly analyse the condition of the skin and give you advice on the steps you could take to avoid future problems.  It’s just one less thing to worry about… and it’s all part of the service.

4. Much as I hate to admit it, weddings can be stressful!  And no one would blame you for feeling a bit nervous on the big day.  Having a makeup artist means there will always be a steady hand to apply that cat flick eyeliner or tackle those false eyelashes.  And we’ll always have a tissue nearby as well in case things get a bit teary!

5. OK, and this is the big one: hiring a makeup artist is not cheap!  But you’ve spent oodles on that gorgeous wedding venue and catering, an eye watering amount on that perfect wedding gown… why skimp on yourself?  It is your wedding after all!  This is your chance to be pampered by the professionals so sit back and enjoy it!

2020 weddings!

Getting married in 2020 and still need a makeup artist to compliment your big day? Then get in touch either via my website’s contact page, or by sending me an email to ✨

Helena and her Winchester wedding at Norton Park

Today is bride Helena’s wedding!  Gone is the epic heat wave that was making us all feel like we were in an oven, and today brings a refreshing breeze that was greatly appreciated by Helena and her bridal party!!

I started my day for 9am at Norton Park, located near Winchester to begin the makeup for Helena’s bridesmaids and mother.  When 12pm rolled by it was finally time for the bride!  Helena wanted her bridal makeup to be subtle, yet pretty with lashings of mascara x

Hair by Bridal Hair in Hampshire | Makeup by me

My partnership with Parkhouse Jewellers

I am very excited to finally announce my partnership with Parkhouse Jewellers, Hampshire.  As of today when purchasing an engagement ring from this exquisite jewellers you will be given a complimentary engagement pack, filled with details of local (personally selected) wedding suppliers – which now includes me!

I was very honoured when I was contacted by Parkhouse to be a part of their family and to be personally selected by a member of the Laing family because of my work!  May have done a happy dance when I got the email!!

The below image comes from Rob Gray, Diamond Manager at Parkhouse x