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Your bridal makeup should take your everyday makeup to the next level and complement, but never overpower, the occasion.  It has to work hard though with getting the right balance for photographs, meeting guests and lasting the distance on what is a joyful, but long day.  What’s also really lovely about having your makeup professionally applied, is that you have a little bit of time to sit back (glass of Prosecco in hand optional) and take a few moments to feel proud of all your hard work and months of planning.  And to remember the wonderful person who’ll be waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

As your personal makeup artist, my role will be to ensure a smooth and seamless transition throughout the preparation stage of your wedding.  Experienced in all dress fastenings and veil sets – I can assist both your bridal party and yourself to ease any pressure.  And of course, provide any last minute touch ups you may require or request.

REPOST// The deposit and you…

For any booking to be safely secured in my diary I require a non-refundable deposit of £100.  But what do you actually get for your deposit? Here’s a little breakdown of the benefits of booking early and securing your wedding date with me.

Book out the entire day!  I will not book another wedding on your special day – meaning my full attention is focused on you for however long you need me.

Receive a bridal makeup trial approximately 6 weeks before the wedding.  This is an opportunity to meet, discuss & trial your bespoke design.

Complimentary glass of prosecco, or non alcoholic tropical fruit juice with mint available at your makeup trial (if held at my studio)

Complimentary false eyelashes for you and your bridal party for both trial & wedding day x

REPOST // Mini Series 1: A practical guide to healthy skin for your wedding…

Ok, here is the hard truth when it comes to makeup.  Not everything can be covered successfully using foundation and concealer.  Makeup application is only as good as the skin it’s adhering too – it’s a bit like wearing a beautiful gown that is close fitting, but wearing awkwardly fitting underwear underneath!  I often get asked as a makeup artist to cover this patch of dry skin or that freshly picked pimple, and the fact is it’s not going to work.  You have to have a good foundation, to well, apply a good foundation!  So as boring as it is, taking care of your skin should be as much a part of your daily routine as having breakfast or washing your hair.

Now granted having a wedding isn’t going to happen every year of your life but the effort you put into your skin now will pay you back not just for that one day, but will guide you for the rest of your life.  So here are is my practical guide to healthy skin for your wedding day…

1. Kick start your skin into gear with taking a high quality skin supplement.  The earlier you can take regular supplements before the big day the better to get the full benefit.  My personal favourites are Imedeen Derma One and Perfectil Plus Skin – always check with your GP before taking any supplements.  Now and again I like to give myself an extra boost with Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot.

2. Now is the time to tackle dry skin.  Often dry skin is caused by either not drinking enough water, using a low quality moisturiser not formulated for dry skin, or by poor weather conditions i.e going from cold to hot areas in quick succession.  The fast way to combat dry skin is to apply a balm such as Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream before bed, and keep this up regularly for at least a week.  Avoid using an exfoliator during this time.

3. Treat yourself to a daily moisturiser that is specifically formulated to your skin type.  Often a skin complaint is caused by using the wrong type of moisturiser, either by using something that is too strong or too weak.  Clinique have the best moisturisers formulated for skin type, whilst MAC do a moisturiser which is good for all.  Avoid supermarket, or drugstore moisturisers which are not as good quality and will do nothing for your skin.

4. Avoid consuming too much alcohol, and if you can, try and reduce or even better give up the smokes!  Alcohol is so drying to the skin and literally depletes the skin of vitamins and nutrients – so all your hard work can amount to nothing if the skin doesn’t have what it needs to look bright and beautiful.  The same goes for smoking – it’s sad but I can always see the subtle differences in clients that smoke and those that don’t.  Kick the naughty habit now and give your skin time to recover – it will love you for it!

5. The best thing you can do for your skin is to leave it alone.  Don’t pick, scratch or squeeze!  If you’re unsure if you have a pimple, or blackhead leave it alone to make up its mind!  If you do constantly pick at the skin you’ll just be spreading that bacteria everywhere else, plus you run the risk of scarring and ‘pot marking’ – which are not easily rectified without resorting to laser therapy.

6. Try and up your intake of water or squash – tea and coffee are also fine but in smaller amounts.  Ultimately you should aim for 8 glasses of water a day, but not all at once!  Also try and add fruit or veg that is also beneficial to the skin.  I personally love strawberries with a little bit of mascarpone – eating healthily doesn’t mean you can’t make it exciting and add a little bit of naughtiness!  Other fruit good for the skin are Bananas, Grapefruit, Oranges, Watermelon and Passionfruit.

7. And finally… after all that effort a little relaxation is needed!  A clay mask is the best way to both relax and lift the impurities (dirt, sweat, pollution) out of the skin.  I am totally in love with Bobbi Brown’s new range of face masks and the best I’ve come across is BB Instant Detox.  Apply this every two weeks before the wedding to have wonderfully clear skin.  Also avoid having a professional facial too close to the big day, as a facial is designed to bring impurities to the surface x

Wedding dates still available…

Prime wedding dates still available for 2018’s wedding season – contact me either through my website, or by sending me an email to

Saturday 30th June | Saturday 14th July | Saturday 21st July | Saturday 18th August | Saturday 25th August | Saturday 1st September

Belinda and her New Forest wedding at Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa

It’s gorgeous gal Belinda’s wedding day today, and what a lovely mild day in March it is!  I arrived around 11am this morning to do her classic, pretty bridal makeup at New Forest hotel, Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa located in Brockenhurst.  Belinda was a very calm bride, and just sat back and relaxed while I did her makeup… the perfect way to enjoy your wedding morning.

When I met Belinda for her makeup trial she was a little unsure of what she wanted, but together we developed this very sweet, classic bridal makeup design that will remain timeless in her wedding photographs.  Belinda also upgraded her bridal makeup package (new for 2017) to receive a premium branded lipstick to use throughout the day – her choice was Chanel in No. 54 Boy x

Nicola and her rainy, yet brilliant wedding at Balmer Lawn Hotel

It is Nicola’s wedding today at the Balmer Lawn Hotel in Brockenhurst.  A fab venue that I have the privilege of being the recommended wedding supplier for.  I arrived at 8:30am to torrential rain at the venue, and left at 12pm with bright, sunny skies!  After doing Nicola’s bridesmaids and mother of the bride makeup, I then moved onto Nicola’s wedding design.  Nicola wanted something to emphasise her gorgeous brown, green eyes – topped with a flawless base and a touch of pink through the lips.  I also introduced the subtlest of pink through the eye to connect Nicola to her bridesmaids, who were all wearing blush pink gowns x



Kathryn and her ‘au so natural’ wedding at Careys Manor Hotel & Spa…

Last Thursday I had the great pleasure of providing my makeup services to Kathryn and her bridal party.  Kathryn was getting married at one of my favourite New Forest hotels, Careys Manor Hotel and Spa, located in the picturesque village of Brockenhurst.  And what a beautifully sunny day for an outdoor wedding, with just a gently breeze – surely perfect wedding weather?

When I met Kathryn for her makeup trial see wanted something that was ‘au so natural’ looking, but still stood out for those important photographs – yet was still true to herself and her style.  She was the perfect client, as she effectively gave me free reign over the eventual design and followed my pre beauty wedding advice to make sure her skin was in great condition for the day.  A** to Kathryn as her skin was flawless!


Laura and her New Forest wedding at Rhinefield House Hotel, Brockenhurst

Today I got the wonderful opportunity of doing the bridal makeup for Laura, at Rhinefield House Hotel in Brockenhurst.  And what a beautiful, warm sunny day for it – perfect for Laura’s outdoor wedding!

When I met Laura back in April she was a little nervous about having her makeup professionally applied, like many brides, as she doesn’t tend to wear a great deal of makeup day-to-day and didn’t want to real vulnerable and not like herself.  It’s a common feeling.  So we decided everything together – what shade of shadow to use, which mascara (Laura decided to use her own for a bit of comfort) and how much foundation and blusher to use.  Just these little things made a huge difference to how confident Laura felt in the end.

And that’s what I like to see.  A happy client x


Lauren and her very sunny New Forest wedding at Careys Manor, Brockenhurst

This morning I had the wonderful pleasure of doing Lauren and her bridal party’s wedding makeup, in the gorgeous Careys Manor Hotel in Brockenhurst in the New Forest.  And what a sunny day for a wedding!  Lauren lives in Bournemouth, so knows the forest well and really wanted to celebrate her special day in this beautiful setting – and who can blame her?!

Lauren wanted her makeup to look quite natural, yet still have that ‘wow’ factor.  So I kept her base very simple using MAC face & body foundation, and added a light touch of blusher followed by a little highlighting on the top of the cheek bone.  I then drew emphasis to the eyes, creating a medium to deep smokey eye with a neat line and gently popped a neutral eyeshadow through the brows.  I then finished with a bespoke lipstick I made for Lauren x